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05 August 2017


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are you trying to kill me with these beautiful works of art-I was fortunate enough to purchase a group of love letters from a French boy to an American girl he met in France-all in French they were sold in lots of 3 or 5 I forget and the etsy seller did not budge on price-- I could not believe she would break them up-- 2 or 3 lots got away--- I am still sick over it a year and a half later I was going to ask her customers to photocopy them just so I had them - it was QUITE COSTLY but I just couldn't let them be broken up-I cannot see myself ever getting rid of them-when the time comes I will put them with my own love letters (from a French boy) and send them to the great beyond. I do not want them to end up on someone's table offered for sale. I own a few of the types of letters pictured above - as well as groups of letters to the same person-a son to his family while he was stationed in Morocco-- a teacher in Paris (the arts) from her students with poems some of which get published-oh and so many more-from lovers that the writing stops when they get married-anyway as you know -a sucker for love-and a lover of all things paper-a most deadly combination-yet so delicious.

The lost art of writing letters and esp to our loved ones.

I have found a few old letters and came to the conclusion that the letters received are words written so the reader can re-read and hold onto those words throughout a life time. As opposed to today's world with email, telephones, etc. those words disappear and the grace and beauty disappears except in our memory.

My mother used to write us a letter almost every week and I'd respond. Then once a week I would call her for a long conversation. I still have some of her letters and cards and her words come through as a kind and loving mother.

Now I only send cards for birthdays and will include a letter. Then at Christmas I will write a note in all the cards. Anyone else writing letters or sending cards to friends and family?

Beautiful handwriting and stationary. I particularly like the embossed paper. A different time, with attention to detail.

Who needs a history book when we have you? Beautiful.

I write letters-and cards and notes not just for birthday or such just a letter or card to say I am thinking of you I receive very few excluding holidays-I guess everyone is busy but I do still send them ..... and I enjoy doing so.

I'm in love with the French handwriting..
A lovely C on Chere ami.

Writing is always important to me; a practiced hand sending words that come from the heart. Dear friends of scores of years continue this practice...treasured relationships. The electronic world cannot replace the feelings that come when we hold in hand the paper and the words.
Thank you for the beautiful words and photos today...I am holding them now in my hand.


So beautiful. I am in love with the handwriting, the papers, the very idea of loving and putting pen to paper to declare such love. Thank you for capturing these and sharing these. They are treasures of the soul.

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