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28 July 2017


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A friend stopped eating bread. Namely processed white bread found in the U.S. He found a loaf in a cupboard and it had expired a year earlier, but looked no worse for the age. He decided he didn't want to eat anything so full of chemicals that it wouldn't rot in a year. A few weeks into his bread-free life, he realized his migrains had stopped.

Giving up wheat has definitely helped my migraines, but so has menopause.

THE THINGS WE GIVE UP TO BE HEALTHY.........as you know Iam GLUTEN FREE and recently cannot DRINK due to meds...........
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Wonderful! How did u figure out that tea and chocolate were the culprits?

So very happy for you.

Can I just do the happy dance with you?!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Such good good news!

I grew up experiencing headaches as a little girl, when puberty hit, they became migraines, which seemed to become more and more frequent as time marched on, very cyclical- so Dr.s presumed they were hormonal. Eventually had a complete hysterectomy and the migraines subsided for a short while, then they came back with a fury. At times they would wake me up in the middle of the night, pounding horribly, nauseous, blinding, an eye that drooped and teared, feeling like they gave all my senses superhuman sensitivities, at times I just wanted a dark silent hole and some kind soul to hit me with a sledgehammer and end it all. The past few months they became an everyday event, some days lasting 8-12 hours, sometimes they lasted solid for days or weeks. I was exhausted, debilitated, and depressed.

I went to a neurologist, who after many questions and a more than a few tests, it is determined that I didn't have migraines, but rather "cluster" headaches, which can and do last days, weeks, even months at a time. I felt doomed until he prescribed a very low low dose Rx which is actually a med for arthritis and other ailments, which I take 15 min. before bed...and no more headaches. I feel like it's a miracle! I seriously had forgotten how good it feels after a good night's sleep! It's wonderful! I've been on this Rx for about 3 weeks, and have experienced on 2 headaches, not migraine or cluster, just a regular "take 1 Excedrin and you're done"! Wahoo!

My advice is that if you are experiencing migraines, especially if you are past menopause, go see your neurologist and ask them about "cluster headaches"(Chronic and episodic paroxysmal hemicrania and hemicrania continua).

So pleased for you!

Wonderful news.
Bravo for you!
Mornings are the best time to hear birds sing and smell the blooming and greening of all the places around us...now to be in the morning moment with a calm and rested head...Wow! the best gift ever.

I also grew up with migraine headaches......my father had them also. Yes, caffeine and wheat were the culprits for me....alas red wine as well. For three years I had none of these. One day I decided to have fresh pasta, yes made with wheat. No headache.....now I eat some wheat and have a very small amount of coffee, but...no chocolate. Yes I can now drink red wine.

When we are in France I eat more bread than when at home....still no migraines. I think I had to completely abstain from those substances to get my body back into some sort of balance. This was many years ago....and still no migraines.


Our daughter-in-law has cluster headaches. They are nicknamed "sucide" headaches. When it comes on she has to give herself an injection and it takes about 20 minutes to bring it down to a migrain. She sits on the floor and rocks back and forth and bangs her head against her hand.

Congratulations!! I hope to be migraine free one day. Best to you.

SO very happy for you!

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