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19 May 2017


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Corey, it's beautiful. I love the way you've done it. I especially like the painting above the bleached commode.

Is this house the one to the left or the right of yours (as on faces your house from the street)?

It's true -- Corey's village is totally non-touristy, a characteristic we find so enjoyable! Plus, it's only a short walk to the bakery :-)

Ack, I just washed my fingers and I can't do a thing with them! Should read:

...as one faces your house from the street.

Love the paintings you have added to the living room since we were there in October. Looks lovely.

It is so pretty and gorgeous, I am often asked for places to stay around the country so it is great to have somewhere in Provence I can recommend!

I affectionately refer to this as "my apartment." I stayed for 7 weeks last fall and can attest to the serenity and beauty of the apartment, the village and the landlords:) Best bits:
Many hours gazing out the windows, watching the weather move in over the mountain.
Lots of great bakeries, a "convenience" store that sells great wine and tasty cheeses,
"Stroll-able" streets with a photo worthy picture every couple feet.
Keeping time by the toll of the church bells.
Watching the petanque players every afternoon.
Hearing the children play at the local school.
The kids on halloween! "Mischief or sweets:)"
Having Corey pop in every so often, it's like your sister stopping by!
Being able to talk to Corey, Yann and the kids and get a true perspective of French life.
Walking through the hills, brushing by loads of wild rosemary and taking in the heady scent.
The pizza truck! One, hot from the wood-fired oven slice could feed 2 people.
The honey store, 4 generations of amazing honey topped off with a spectacular vendeuse.
Smelling the home cooks whip up magic every day as you walk by the open windows, shutters parted to the sides.
Snippets of neighbors conversations (in french) drifting into the windows.
Following the villagers as they make their way to a gathering to honor soldiers, sipping wine and having canapes and listening to the speeches.
Taking the free bus to Auriol, hopping off at every village on the way to explore.
Taking a train to Marseille for $3.
Going to a catholic mass, in an ancient church.
I could go on and on, but I'm taking up too much space.

YESSSSS..... Beautiful, the real stuff!
We both seem to have very talented mother-in-law's.... Mine was with us for 8 days and she did some sewing too!!!!! I can't even thread a needle anymore, such is my eyesight.
Very beautifully turned out little nest - BRAVO

And René was right - visited Giverny (Monet's garden and house) with mother in law 10 days ago and your walls have a Monet'y look :) :) :)
This guy really, really is a PEARL ! Look well after him (I know you do!)

It's very charming, so full of history.

It leaves me without words! Everything that i see is quite Heavenly Corey. How I dream of staying there one day. It's truly unforgettable. Thank you for sharing!

I think this will work for Franco Bolla and me! As always, your creative mind does beautiful work.

Hi Corey. Do you have any openings next year? Dates for me are pretty open yet.
Thank you.

I love it all but what you did with the walls was brilliant and so beautiful.

Wow! Just beautiful & so "French". Love the Fainting Chair!

You have a magical element to you that allows you to turn a place, into a welcoming setting anyone would be privileged to visit, even if for a moment.

Your an artist and poet in a different way, I'm looking forward to actually meeting you one day and absorbing being in a Corey home.

Perfect recollection of St. Z.

Corey is most definitely an artist and poet and combines the two arts so beautifully!

It's just lovely, Corey.

A. Mazing! ZING!! Gorgeous. the only place to stay in the South of France to really have the French feeling in life. It's beautiful, Corey. Brava!

Beautiful as I knew it would be. Very inviting. Someday before I can't, I should stay here for a bit.

Love it!

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