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07 August 2016


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Wonderful to see that view. Great pictures...everyone looks like they have a St. Tropez tan. ;-)

I will not wake you from your dream deario. The view!!! Oh my, the view!!! Actually, it is not a dream at all. It is hard work over many years coming to fruition. Congrats on that. BTW, your Belle Mere is stunning!

Beautiful!! Everything you touch turns out beautifully. I think you get this from your Mom...she seems to have that talent, too!!

Congratulations! That view! It looks like the first of many happy times in Cassis!

So Happy for you! You deserve it.

Oh to have that view. Wonderful!

This is just wonderful!!!!

I love the photos of the two of you looking out the window. Reminded me of the newlywed couple in Paris pic of you taken years ago. Same people, still gloriously happy.

Ahh. So beautiful. Can't wait to see more photos!

It looks like a dream!

Fabulous view, happy couple. Very nice.

Wow wow wow wow!

Enjoy, enjoy. You are right to take time to raise a glass and celebrate the view.

Isn't it just the best to celebrate nothing in particular, just to celebrate and with a view like that who wouldn't celebrate. Postcard perfect.

Oh, wow! I think that restaurant is where my daughter and I had lunch when we were in Cassis a few years ago! How fortunate you are to have found that slice of heaven! Enjoy, mes amis!

We were in Cassis at the beginning of July (a day trip during a cruise) I brought along the picture you posted of where your apartment is, and my husband and I managed to find it. We've been following the renovations on your blog, so it was lovely to see the apartment in real life and now I can properly imagine you and French Husband standing at that window!

How lovely, Corey!! Congratulations on your new space!!

How very exciting. Congratulations on the new place. I can feel the happiness through your window all the way here, wonderful window shots.

Dreams do come true! Corey can't wait to make my next adventure to Cassis💗
Love the view and the very happy couple from the window😍
Sign me up

This is fantastic!!!

So happy for you both!

What an amazing and wonderful view! Your Belle Mere is truly a beautiful woman,; it is good to see a photo of her once again. What a wonderful place you celebrated in this visit with friends and Belle Mere. Following your finishing and decorating of the place will, indeed, be a treat.

Now you've got the new place christened with the First Drink! So happy for you and the progress being made. Can't wait to see it when all finished one day!

Wonderful!!!!!! Love the photos of you and Yann in the window - radiating joy!!!!!congratulations!

you both have a knack for seizing the moment! love the pictures of you all in your cassis apartment ..

especially love the dress... it looks divine on you.. corey amaro..

sending tons of hugs and kisses...

It's a joy to see your joy. Also enjoyed Seeing your Belle Mere looking so happy for you. I have enjoyed sharing your life long distance for many years and appreciate your letting all of us glimpse your life in France...and Willows.

I so remember that day last October when you told us that your dream just might come true - how great to see it almost there!
Here's to many more celebrations.

Hi Corey when will it be available to rent????
Congratulations! I'm sure it will be so charming with all your decorating skills and good taste!

I love impromptu, just because, celebrations! The joy of life! :) It is all so lovely, Corey, truly.

Celebrating life is just as beautiful as the view! Love the window view with shutters, wish I had the talent to paint it! Wonderful picture of you two, so full of love!

I love the blue shutters even more with the two of you framed inside. Fantastic view. You brightened my day.

The view through your window, the view of your family and friends, the view of you and Yann...glorious! What a lovely way to start this Monday. Thank you, Leslie

But where's the photo of you two planting big old kisses on each other in that romantic window?

I was just wondering how the Cassis apartment was coming along. Nice to see it (and lovely that you inaugurated it with friends, Belle Mere, and of course wine.)

The view is breathtaking.
Next time, we must visit an Emmaus.
I wish I was there this moment.

Counting the days.

Too many!

Miss you.

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