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17 April 2016


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corey I remember the 1st time you talked about this salad-and have been dreaming about it ever since. I have taken notes-- tomorrow one sweet onion and tomorrow night this will be dinner-THANK YOU SO MUCH for the recipe.

Well my mom made this salad for my dad often. She used lots of cracked pepper. It's a Sicilian thing I believe. As I am part Sicilian I'm taking the credit...😉

Thank you and Annie so much for the recipe!

Hi Corey,
I have never heard of it, but I am intrigued. I think I have to try this recipe just for the fun of it,
thank you for sharing! xxoo jody / florida/ ky

Yes! I love it. I make mine with red onion and black olives!

I will try this, Corey. It sounds very intriguing. Thank you for the recipe.

My mother made this with red onions or Vidallia onions. Often she would add diced cucumbers.

I've never heard of this, but am a fan of any Mediterranean food. I like the idea for adding black olives above.

I love savoury salads with fruit, it always feels slightly exotic and is a summer staple here when we dine outside, watermelon salad always, something with strawberries occasionally, but I have never had an orange and onion salad, this is definitely one that is going on the list, I like the idea of adding olives too, thank you.

Yes I've had orange-onion salad, with red onions and blood oranges. It was beautiful!

That marinade sounds intriguing...the pepper...the nutmeg...gotta try! The oranges...sliced or segmented?

Oh yes!! It is one of my favorite salads to make with a rich dish like a beef stew (I know you don't eat meat, so you'll have to trust me on this one). I do it differently and more simply. Take some arugula put it on a plate, slice some oranges, put them on top, thinly slice some onion, put that on top, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle some salt. Oh boy oh boy is that GOOD!!

My mother made this salad. Thanks for bringing this memory back and for the recipe! Mahlzeit!

I imagine such salads would equally complement a rich, cream-based pasta dish.

I will be making this for sure. It sounds amazing over avocado. Can't wait, salivating!!!

Thought about this salad all day. Stopped by the grocery store to grab the provisions to have it tonight with fish.


My father's mother, who was from Bari, Italy, ate it every day of her life for lunch! My mother would never make it for my father - she hated onions!

A resourceful 80 year old friend of my husband's lived out in the Oregon woods. At one point she didn't have much on hand to make a meal, so used what she had and invented a new sandwich: orange-onion sandwich (with mayo). Then it became a staple for her, cause she enjoyed it so much. Surprising to discover how interesting the marriage of those flavors could be!

I do that for many years, nobody taught me but I love oranges, I love onions, at this time of the year I make it with spring onions (the young ones with the fancy green - I saw French women ripping the greens off and asked to be allowed to have 'their greens'!) - wonderfully refreshing.

I discussed the 'aceto di Modena' yesterday with a friend. I have never ever looked back since I discovered it while staying in Florence, many, many years ago - I also ever since adore the Italian salads, veggies - and Italy!!!! Cima di rapa, ruccola (rocket salad, or do you Americans call it arugula?), I also got to know the 'flat parsley' already the word prezzemola .... oh such a great, great gift to know countries, their people, food, wines... such incredible riches.

Bon appétit, buon appetito - and by the way: Yesterday, I made the first tomato salad with tomatoes from FRANCE with said spring onions and, hang on to it: Greek original feta cheese. And of course with Aceto balsamico, herbs from my garden, freshly ground pepper and freshly ground salt.... it was heaven in a large bowl.

I did this many years ago with the addition of spinach and maybe a little Bleu cheese

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