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02 February 2016


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I'd like to thank Kristi for encouraging you to blog as well. I've enjoyed every minute of it.

That bread looks fantastic. Too bad you can;t post it to CA along with the wine.

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

I second Diogenes's comment (or third it, since it started with you, Corey) -- how happy I am that Kristi encouraged you to start blogging. And how impressive that you've kept at it every. single. day.

Thanks, Kristi!!

Rose' and a sunny afternoon! I want that.


Friendships such as this are a treasure. Yummmm, food!

Laurie SF

One of my favorite reads from last year was Kristi's delightful book, 'Words in a French Life' What a wonderful discovery to learn that you are dear old friends.
A note to you Tongue in Cheekers: Kristi's book is so fantastically French full of fun.


Those photos are to die for! I wish so badly that I could taste the wine, touch the bread, smell the soup. Oh to have been there would be akin to heaven! Bon Ami indeed!

Jan Wasmann

Corey you inspire us and bring joy each day, I want to thank Khristi too for encouraging you to blog and bring happiness, insight and meaning to all of us every day - Merci!


Love your photos - and so enjoyed getting to know you both!

Kristin Espinasse

Corey, Thank you for this touching post. Seeing you and Yann, Anne and Kirk, brightened our day. Your enthusiasm and cheer is contageous (that is what I meant to say yesterday). And reading the delightful comments, above, fills me with even more cheer. Thank you all!


Beautiful! I can't believe you can eat outside already!


Oh wow! Two of my favorite blogsters together and what a meal!! Why wasn't I there?


My great joy each morning is to read your blog, for many, many years now. I am appreciative that you listened to your friend and began the writing, story-telling, photography process; it is a gift I receive with much delight, again and again.
The bread looks delicious, and the potato/sorrel soup...time to search for a recipe to try. Perfect meal for after a day in the snow here.

Debby H

Corey, thank you for passing on the idea for the wooden shovel used for a bread server. It's now on my list! Another question: I have been searching for the next chapter on you an Yann at the uncle's estate. Your posts were January 2015 and the last one I read said To Be Continued, but I haven't found it! Arghhh! Im' going crazy trying to get to the rest of the story. Help! Anybody?

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