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14 September 2015


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What a wonderful treat you've given us today, Corey! Your photos are so crisp I can almost feel the tooth of the canvas, the shallow impasto of the paint. What a wonderful way to start my week. Thanks so much!

Yes, the frames are art too.

This post brings to mind the lost Renoir that turned up at a Virginia flea market and was purchased for $7:


we just had an exhibit in Philadelphia with many paints from orsay museum -the collection was centered around their dealer/broker Durand-Ruel and there were 5 of them if I could would buy and cherish my whole life long -Morisot-3 Renoirs and a degas-the Renoirs were the CITY DANCE THE COUNTRY DANCE and THE DANCE AT BOUGIVAL I COULD HAVE SAT THERE FOR HOURS GAZING AT THESE 3 AND YES I HAVE ALWAYS LOOKED AT THEIR SIGNATURES AND TRY TO PICTURE THE SIGNING ALONE OR WITH A LOVED ONE A MISTRESS a wife or friends the frames are works of art too as you say-I love each for separate reason van Gogh for his madness Renoir for his portraits degas for movement manet for starting the whole thing against the salon exhibitions pissaro for the colors vibrant to muted pastels cassett hails from Pennsylvania-Morisot for her feminine portrayals-oh gosh I could go on thank you for prolonging my joy from the exhibit-today I am yellow!

Great post! The Impressionists have always been my favorite. I am enthralled as much by the frames as by the artwork. The person who matches the frame to the art must have a magic touch. If that person is the artist, then I say a double hurrah for him or her. I have a friend whose mother was an artist and she made her own frames. From the pieces of her art that I have seen, the frames are just magnificent. Simple frames can command as much appreciation as rococo.

Nice! I will be noticing the signatures and frames from now on. I do love that museum and may have to go there on my next visit to Paris once more.

Sweetheart, totally agree with you..... Didn't know that you can't take pics any longer at the Musée d'Orsay.... I had my fill too before it seems to ha ve been forbidden!
If you love Monet, I cannot recommend going to Giverny highly enough. It's a treat at all times of the year but most heavenly in May/June when all the roses are blooming. But that's me, living in 'Les Roses' and being so thankful for this privilege.
With regards to signatures, I am the very same. We have original wall paintings in our house and for all of the 7+yrs we live here now I am still trying to find out something about the gifted painter who did our walls (fresques)! With no success so far and nobody put anything on the internet in 1934 (that's one date we found under one painting)!
I love, love, love the Orsay Museum, it is my all time favourite EVER. I wd willingly let myself be locked up for a month (with good bread, wine and music of course! - and preferrably with my Hero Husband visiting me from time to time) and wouldn't regret one minute of it. And the clock!!!! And the light!!! And the emaille numbers..... crazy love!

I really enjoyed this post, Corey. I highly recommend a book I just read: The Art Forger. Based on a true event at the Gardner Museum in Boston.

Wow! Love this as the art teacher. Wanted so badly to visit this museum when I was in Paris. I hope that one day I can. Thank you!

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