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07 April 2015


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EXACTLY, Corey. When our 22-year-old sons invite us to do something with them, we do not say no! With mine, I watch Doctor Who and Torchwood on Thursday nights in the winter -- two kinds of TV series I would not be likely to watch, on my own. But it is worth it to make memories together, such as they are. And it seems you have an adventurous spirit after all, even after all your worry about Yann and Sacha being daredevils!

Torchwood...I love that show.

Wow, you are one brave lady. You know how you are terrified of dogs? I am terrified of motorcycles the way you are terrified of dogs. I wouldn't get on a motorcycle for all the tea in China. It is way cool though that your 22 year old son took his mom on a motorcycle ride:)

I do not do daring! I laughed that YANN was the nervous wreck. I guess it was his turn after all these years. Also yesterday's photo of sleeping father and son is beautiful. I love the light on the sleeping men. Makes me wish I was an oil painter.

Our daring ride was the same as yours a few years ago, but in a car, and not on the back of a motorcycle! How brave and trusting of you to have done that, but your son, of course, would never have let anything happen to his beloved mother. Lucky, lucky you!

I agree with Jackie: dogs are a piece of cake, a walk in the park (pardon the pun) but motorbikes are very scary! I admire your zest for the open air, and the views are wonderful. thanks for sharing!

Oh you are so right, I watch Doctor Who! Not sure I enjoy it at all but our 18 year old daughter is a huge fan and she loves me to watch it with her!!!

Extremely brave, I can fully understand why you did it and what fun, but I would have been more than just a little jittery! The things we do for our children! Mine are forever saying, come on Mama you can do it! and of course we do, because we would hate them to think we can't or worse still we have lost our nerve! the most scary thing I did recently that I really did not want to do was a tree top trek, high up, walking across moving planks and things, I hated every minute of it, but I DID IT!!!

OMG , I hope my son will never ask me that ...i would be so afraid , particularly on that road ...
Your son is Lucky to have such a bravé and young mother

Never say no because at the end they stop asking....

O, so good to do something daring. It lets us know we are still alive. It gets our blood moving faster and sharpens our thinking. It would be good to do something out of the ordinary often...anything, just do something new and fresh. Thanks for sharing this, Corey. Riding on the back of a motorbike some years ago was thrilling to me, too. You can see things from a car, but it is nothing compared to traveling the same roadways on a motorbike. The air, the elements, the scents, and even what you see is different. It is like you are a part of it all. You brought these memories back to me. Now I shall go out and find a new adventure.

Yann a nervous wreck! Mr. Daredevil? So different when it's your loved ones. In the Caribbean for a week with my family and while snorkeling with my grandson he said, "Gamma, we should rent a kayak." So we did. Not as much of an adventure as a ride to St. Baume, but I just turned 70 and why would I pass up on such an opportunity?

Wow, sounds like fun! Reminds me of the motorcycle trip you and Yann took, winding through the mountains. Life is not for always living safe...grab on and go!

How boring...I cannot think of one brave thing I have been doing! But, I am extremely proud of you for hopping on with Sacha! He will never forget that ride and neither will you!!! Great Mother you are!!!! xoxoxo jody fl ky

Not enough daring in my life lately. Dreaming of a zip line excursion soon.

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