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10 April 2015


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Thank you for all the information. Maybe someday a slice of this will be reality for me and my husband.

Loved seeing all the photos of your Paris apartment--you have just the right touch when decorating.

Hi, Corey, Thank you for this post. I'm headed to French class this morning and will pass this on to other wishful thinkers. Sincerely,

Oh, my gosh!!!! I NEED TO VISIT SOON!!!!

This blog post is mouth-watering and right down my alley--as we say over across the pond. I'm an estate sale junkie every weekend. Now I'll go back and look at your pictures again and make notes. :-)

I cannot wait to see your Provence.

The first time I came to see the Carrières de Lumières (Quarries of Light), I cried. The combination of beautful art and music in an other-worldly setting is not to be missed. Also, if you are in Provence in the summer, the respite from the heat is a treat!!! Located directly below Baux de Provence, down the street from the ancient Roman site of Glanum and a hop skip and a jump from St Remy, this area is a treasure trove of Provençal delights. (the fact that it is near my most favorite restaurant in the world is also a very very good thing) For more information, check out this wonderful blog: http://www.theprovencepost.blogspot.fr/2015/02/new-show-in-les-baux-opens-march-6.html

One day I will GET IT TOGETHER and plan a trip to tour with you and your friend Ruth. Seriously on my TO DO list.

This post is amazing and so informative. Merci Corey!!!

Would it be feasible for you to dedicate a separate T-I-C post to each of Paris' arrondissements? Maybe Chelsea and Sacha could help with the research?

If money were no object I would be on the plane tonight.
How I love France.

Love the red and white checked tables in Cotignac!

Corey, next time I come back ( this summer ) we have to go to Serge .... I WANT to try
But may I add one adress for restaurant :
Les arômes Gemenos ( it is the new arômes , the restaurant that was in a small street of Aubagne )
See you this summer

Hi Corey, surely you are asked about the Palace of Versailles all the time...would you say this is a must see in France? Any other places for a Marie Antoinette admirer I should know about?

Hi Corey, as ever evocatively beautiful. Your posts make me wish that I could drop everything and hop on a plane. I don't drive and that seems a prerequisite to being able to appreciate Provence in all its glory.

Thanks so much, Corey, for compiling this list. My husband and I are once again in our "petit bijou" in Oppède. I am starting a list of the things you wrote about that we haven't done yet. I really want to try that restaurant on the Mediterranean in Toulon. And can you believe we haven't been to St Baume yet? Today we are off to the wine festival in Châteauneuf du Pape. Thanks again.

Wow how tomely, I will be in Paris in June

Oh, my goodness -- so many gorgeous photos and ideas! One of my favorites is "Lavender in Provence." Your hat, glasses, red lipstick, and lavender background is magnifique! It is perfect! What I wouldn't give to have a copy of myself in that same type pose. You out-do yourself constantly and that's one of the reasons I delight in looking at your blog everyday! French magic for my soul. Hugs to you!

What a great resource, Corey! Thank you.

From a blog reader, Lee:

Another absolute MUST TRY restaurant for your list is La Table de Sorgues
in Sorgue. I think it's one of the very best in the area. Great spot to stop if you're doing the wineries.

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