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29 March 2015


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Oh such joy!!!! Love being involved with your family. A very special day for a very special family.

Oh what joy this post contains ! Congrats to Chelsea and her friend and to you too! I used to run and there's nothing like it. It makes you happy! A great day to celebrate with friends and family. Love the picture of you and Sacha with him wearing your father's watch.☺️

Congratulations, Chelsea! And congratulations to you, too, Corey for your diligent training. Both of you must feel a real sense of accomplishment. So good to see the joy you all share when you gather together...each day truly a celebration of love and family. Thank you for letting that jou spill over here.

Wow, just wonderful and very inspirational! I want to get moving now!!

success for everyone YEAH!!

Well well done!
Congratulation, all of you!

What inspiring young women. Your "kids" are so darling...we should include Mr Espresso in that too.

Wonderful to see so much love!

Congrats Chels!!!!!!!! J'adore le photo avec vous et Sacha:)

Congratulations Chelsea! Corey, the photo of you and Sacha cracks me up...he is a bit taller than you.

Oh boy, what an accomplishment! And in the rain! I couldn't ran for a bus....you've inspired me.

Congrats to everyone!!!

I'm so happy for you, Corey--it's so nice you had such a happy day with your family and a celebration after Chelsie's race.


Good job, good job, good job! Corey, please deliver this to message to Chelsea and Alice and all those they inspired--with big hugs from Boulder.

Congratulations for finishing, Chelsea! Good for you, Corey, for walking the 5 miles a day. That is impressive. Thanks for sharing the photos. Wow! I think it is a good day when I can walk 3 miles.

It is a great mother / daughter experience, I wish I could have seen pictures of you walking ..

Well done Chelsea, well done the whole team !!

Well done. Loved reading this, so descriptive I felt as if I was there, standing in the rain. The joy of watching our children participate in events.

Congratulations to Chelsea and to all your family for supporting her!

Congratulations, next stop, Boston marathon!

Chelsea's love for life shows in her face...so beautiful. And congrats to you my friend for 8k! Hooray for you walking 5k everday. I know you much have much more energy! Hugs!

Yay Chelsea! And good for you Corey for walking!

Thanks for sharing your joy.
This post made me smile the whole way through.

Wait a minute. You just told us Mr Espresso's name?

Yes, I did. :)

Congratulations to Chelsea! Well done!

Way to go Chelsea and Alice for finishing and in the rain! Way to go Corey for walking. Love the first picture....they look like real marathon runners.

Go Chelsea! And Alice! And their cheering squad!

And then you went back and changed it?

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