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27 March 2015


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Merci, Corey!


Oh, so many wonderful views of Paris! My favorites: Monet, the artist with his easel and paints, the bridge with red umbrellas, the chalkboard signs...oh, well I think I love all of them. :)

Thank you, Corey!

Teddee Grace

All the photos are wonderful and I so enjoyed the link to the Autochrome photos of Paris before the World Wars. Oh, if only we could redo history.


I adore that red umbrella photo. Where is that


Corey, would you be able to peek behind some of the gorgeous big front door and show us the courtyards?
Are these part of every old apartment building?
Thank you so much.

nancy w

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. These photos are all so wonderful!


Merci for the artist plein air! I am off to the Caribbean and unplugging :o for the week! Will miss your posts.

Barbara Kelley



Children with pets! Love it, as well as the flower seller photo.

teresa Young

Oh Sweet Corey! You are making miss Paris. I must return in the spring and enjoy the colors.


San Francisco is my favorite city.... but, Paris is my favorite city, too.... so many wonderful, individual neighborhoods, so many amazing, yet daily & fabulous sights to see. The unique-ness of these always vibrant yet changing places with their own flavors are so lovely... thank you, corey, for your artful & discerning eye! thank you.....


I love all the photos you are sharing. Thank you. Can you share any pics of what the common people wear every day on the street? It is always a dilemma for me when I travel and I don't want to stick out like a sore thumb. :)


The painters and their paintings!! Yay! Thank you!

Terri in Texas

Love the photo w/ the red umbrellas! And the lady with the flower cart. So Paris! You need to start a greeting card company with all your beautiful photos.


These pictures tell it all. They bring back memories of a city we love. Corey, your photography is amazing. N.

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