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26 February 2015


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how lovely-- sometimes you just have to stop and take in the view....

I would be searching for those fairies if I was traveling along these roads. Then of course, fairies love sheep. What a special time to just savor the day.

Thanks for sharing this special moment. Beautiful!

I love the way you savor moments. This was a favorite for me. I have a thing for sheep.

I love this.. shepherds and sheep, like from ancient biblical times to my citified self. I don't think I ever realized that this still happens..I mean, sheep that I know of are on farms with fences. Where do the shepherds live when they come down? Now I'm curious. I'm gonna go find one of my favorite poems about a shepherd now..I think it is from Greek mythology.
You have such a magical landscape..those beautiful old stone bridges are awesome.

There is a wonderful film about this movement from the mountains down to the meadows of summer - "Hiver Nomade" or "Winter Nomads" - http://www.hivernomade.ch/en/ It's called the transhumance -

...as one who searches for faries still (at 55!) lovely post.


What a lovely moment to stumble upon. It's so nice to know in this fast-paced, technology-driven, self-focused world that there are people out there still living and working as generations before them have, their lives dictated by the seasons. Not an easy life, I'm sure, but one I see as beautiful.

It's called transhumance en Français...

So sweet......thanks!

What a beautiful sight! Thank you for the link, Barbara.

Thanks, I'm going to watch the video later..these things really interest me.

Ah, found the poem,but couldn't find my book..taken from the book, "Mythology" by Edith Hamilton, credit seems to be given to the 3rd century poet, Theocritus:

"Endymion the shepherd,
As his flock he guarded
She, the Moon, Selene,
Saw him, loved him, sought him,
Coming down from the heaven
Kissed him, lay beside him,
Blessed is his fortune.
Evermore he slumbers,
Tossing nor turning,
Endymion the shepherd."

And, Keats' famous poem, "Endymion" begins:
"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever..."

So many great works of art inspired by the eternally youthful & beautiful shepherd, Endymion and the Moon Goddess. Some paintings in the Louvre, too.

And, of course, the Good Shepherd of Christianity guarding His flock is always a very comforting image and thought.

I love this thank you so much for taking the time to share-

scenes like these remind me so much of the once a year sheep walk through the middle of Madrid Spain.
Centuries ago this walk always instinctively happened
and still does. These sheep cannot help but know this
is what should be done.

Long ago the reining king of then, King Alfonse, wrote
into law this was to continue forever, so long as the
famous sheep led their way.

Now thinking back to those days, the center of Madrid
today where the famous path lies, one finds exclusive
residences though in those centuries these areas were nothing more than dusty roads and of no consequence.
When the time of year arrives, all who fortunately live
there..gather all along the sidewalks to view this spectacular event. Many tourist come and the emotions begin. How breath taking to watch the hundreds of sheep fill the streets with the guidance of their dogs, and shepards. Yet, these sheep know their way.
One can hardly count the sheep...a few thousand or more.

Afterwards, imagine the mess? Nothing is too disturbing for all the Espanoles.....after all this
is an awesome event.
So, that said.....all of you should take the time and go see this.....

Oh! i must not forget....notice the shoes these shepards are wearing...hand carved of wood and decorated. So much like the Dutch. In the end all the sheep go back to the grand Pyreenes. One of the highest mountains of Europe.

As a knitter nothing is more magical than sheep and faeries!

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