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17 February 2015


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Linda R.

Amazing photos - merci bien.


I am so happy you revisited. Your photographs are just amazing and gorgeous. Loved everyone of them. How special to still hear from the young girl each year.

Nancy H

Thank you for sharing, the photos are so beautiful.


Great photos. Did either one of you wear a costume or mask?

Roberta Manly


Barbara Snow

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful photos. I have never been to Venice during Carnival, but have been there many times in the late Fall, early winter, and it is also a hauntingly beautiful city when empty. Thank you again, for sharing these amazing photos.


Wow. Just wow


This is the sexiest thing I've seen in a long time! 50 Shades of Grey, ha, no comparison!!!


I remember those posts. Thanks for sharing your breathtaking photos again. They are stunning!

Lana Kloch

i look forward to your post each evening. i am rarely if ever disappointed by your wit and photos and take on your life.

tonight, i am ever so grateful for taking me to a place i only dream of. of course, i have read about carnevale in venice.

your pictures capture the magic and beauty and especially the mystic that reigns. you outdid yourself today.. thank you corey; i will dream of the fantasy of one day being there to witness it myself.

Rosemary Wilmot

Oh Corey, It was amazing to see these again, and how you helped me with advice when we went to Carnevale for 12 wonderful days.

It is a stunning experience, especially if you join the Silent Gondola parade where all the Palazzo's are lit only by candles down the Grand Canal from the Rialto to Salute where the death of Carnevale takes place by the sympbolic burning of a paper animal usually. It was a truly haunting memorable, freezing experience but one you will never forget.

Just go to Carnevale it is an experience you will never forget.

Patti L

I, the lucky viewer in beholding such magnificence! Wondrous detail, decadent embellishment, lush imagination with Victorian Flair. OH may I be blessed with a rich man in my future who should like to take me there!! Feel free to contact me..!


Corey, these photos are so lovely they make my heart ache! Such beauty is almost painful to look at - I feel like Bernini's St. Theresa in Ecstasy...

Thank you so much for sharing these visions.


You much cherish these photos, Corey. They are just spectacular and I will never tire of looking at them. How I would love to be in Venice for that!

Cheryl in Wisconsin

Now these people do Carnival right - with elegance and grandeur!

La Contessa

YOU Need to do a TABLE TOP PICTURE BOOK!SO< PLEASE tell me is MERISI ITALIAN?I recently subscribed to her BLOG about VIENNA but there have been a few photos of FLORENCE and ITALIAN coffee's!!!!!!


So much eye candy. I'm feeling hyperglycemic.


Wow! These photos are amazing and the fabrics are just incredible! Thank you so very much for sharing. I loved it all!

Kathleen Botsford

Oh Corey….Thank you so much for these wonderful memories! We were there for Carnival in 2012 too. I felt transported to another world then and now again with your gorgeous photos! And I was thinking of you this morning when a commercial for a popular American tv show, "Blackish" had a father up in arms with his daughter's French boyfriend's "French Swimming Panties"! I almost fell off the treadmill!


How wondrously amazing, Corey! The masks are fascinating but the costumes, the fabrics and layers of color and texture are simply incredible! Thank you so much!


Oh, my..I've never heard of this..just incredible! Each photo you captured is so fantastic. I keep hearing the song & imagery of the masquerade scene from "the phantom of the opera"..what an amazing experience that must be.

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

Well that was fun. I wanted to comment on a few, but there were so marvelously many that I gave up. Such textures! Such interesting everything. Thanks for posting these again.

Smart lady, putting your mark all over them as no doubt people will want to steal them.


loved seeing these again and reliving it. Want. To. Be. There!


Love this & the memory of reading your post the first time! xo


These pictures are stunning. You definitely could be a fashion photographer!

French la Vie

No neither of us were in costume or mask. It is hard enough taking a photo when it is cold, let alone in a costume. Though I would love to go again and be in costume. About a third of the people gathered are in costume, the other million are not.

French la Vie

Thanks! I agree. Though I haven't seen 50 shades.

French la Vie

Thank you. You described it well.

French la Vie

No Merisi is not Italian by birth, but by spirit she is. And her pasta!!!

French la Vie

lol, imagine being there. I had to take a break each day because I was overloaded... literally could not "see" anymore.

French la Vie

lol!! Oh I wish I could have seen that! I would have linked it to the post.

French la Vie

...Hence that is why I post photos with my iphone now.


I was in Venice last month, one of many visits, but never during the Carnival. Thanks for bringing me there at this magic time....

Sue tinker

These photos are out of this world fantastic, Corey. Thanks for replaying them.

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