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01 February 2015


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That is so sweet. Oh! to be Maggie and have a retreat until mid-April. hmm. sigh. She has good neighbors!

nancy w

That key is amazing. Welcome Maggie!


I am simply glorying in this post and dreaming of holding that key myself-passion love joy and a sense of accomplishment can life be any finer....

Jenny M

I am sure Maggie has many adventures ahead of her. The key is a work of art!


How lucky Maggie is to have it until April. I know she will leave a sweet spirit to follow. Yes, the key is magic and those that enter will be enchanted.


Sounds uniquely special -,would love to see lots more photos please!


I know it looks great...you have wonderful taste Corey.

Thomas Ed Cole

There is a saying that has always captivated me..your tree reminded me of it.
"The axe demanded its handle,..and the tree freely gave it"

Madame in Bangkok

What a dreamy project ...is Maggie an artist ?


This is such an enchanting cottage. PLEASE share pictures of the complete tiny house.

Kristin Freeman

Oh how perfect that key is...and to put in her pocket until the middle of April while she rests, and creates and writes and just simply is in the tiny house, Maggie is, indeed a fortunate woman. The stories that place will share with her are beyond imagining.


That's one key you couldn't lose..it's huge! Yes, please show more pictures of tiny house. :)


I too am curious as to what sort of artistic project(s) Maggie will be working on while in residence at the tiny house...

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