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14 February 2015


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My favorite love story is when I picked up Luke from the orphanage in China. He was 6 years old and weighed 26 lbs (about the size of an American 2 or 3 year old.) He was very battered and bruised with scars criss-crossing his face and body. He had many medical problems, among them severe cleft lip and palate. He could not each without the food spilling out of his nose. When I took him outdoors the first evening he looked up at the dark sky and was shocked by what he saw! He made funny guttural sounds and pointed up, clearly (in Chinese) saying "What is that thing!!" It was a big, bright, shining full moon! He had never, in his 6 little years on earth, seen the moon! I saw the world through his eyes for many months after that, saw it as a wondrous place, full of delight and awe-inspiring. He tasted ice cream for the first time and was shocked that ice cream was cold:) He gobbled it up and gave me the cone, thinking it was a dish. His delight when I bit into the dish was infectious, he giggle, giggle, giggled. At his birthday we gave him gaily wrapped gifts and he said "thank you" with a big smile on his face...and then promptly returned them to us. He had no idea that they were to be opened and a gift was inside. The first time he slid down a slid (at a McDonalds) his eyes were wide as saucers-there was no eating lunch that day, he did not leave the slide for hours! It will always be my favorite love story, watching my little boy fall in love with the world and his new life. He taught me to love and take delight in the little things in our everyday world.

Wow. What a sweet love story!

this is one of the best love stories EVER!!-I am crying-because of it's purity and innocence-

Well I wondered why there were only 3 posts here and after reading jackies's love story I know why. I think she wins the prize! But my love story is of being on my own and attending a Boston Symphony orchestra rehearsal for the very first time. I couldn't afford the actual concert so bought tickets to the rehearsal. At intermission I turned around to look at the beautiful hall and saw this cute guy sitting behind me. We chated and i learned hewas a graduate student and it was his first BSO concert too. After the concert we said goodbye and went our separate ways. On my way home I had to change subway lines and there he was getting on the same train from the opposite track. Turned out he lived one steet away from me. The next day he stopped by my apt. And rang the buzzer( no text messages or cell phones in those days). Anyway we fell in love, married, had 5 kids and have been attending BSO concerts together for 40 years!

Love Jackie's sweet story!

My story - ah, I did promise you, Corey, that I would share it with you sometime. Ok, here it goes:

I met my sweet Tom the first day of junior high school. We became great friends through high school and even college. Never did we date - we truly just liked one another dearly. He married and had a family. I never married. Starting in 1980, I worked for another old classmate who had been friends with Tom since kindergarten, so it was easy to keep in touch with Tom through our mutual friend. I battled and survived cancer in 1990, but had given up on ever finding Mr. right. Eventually Tom divorced. Still, we were living separate lives, no longer even in the same state. He eventually took a job in Indonesia when he finally got up the nerve to email me. Sure, he was safe half a world away-or so he thought. We were able to finally meet face to face in September of 2008, after only 3 weeks of emailing. It was like no time had passed, though in reality it was more than 40 years later. He went back to Indonesia after 3 days, but our fate was sealed. He proposed via Skype the next month and we were married in June of 2009 - at age 60! Ah, some things, like the right man, are worth waiting for. I became a wife, mother and grandmother with one "I do". Coming up on our 6 year anniversary soon. We feel blessed to be sharing our life together.

I love Susie Q's story! My 91 year old aunt's best friend got married in her 80's! I guess the lesson here is that it really is NEVER too late to find and experience love. Thanks for the reminder Corey.

so many times I have written in this blog's comment section I LOVE LOVE and this story is one more reason it is so!! when it is meant to be it will be-so happy for you both!

Beautiful stories, thank you for sharing them

This post records a little love story if you scroll down quickly, the photo postcards seem to be animated as they tell a story.

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