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12 February 2015


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As I walk through tunnels of snow up to my chest, with temperatures that will dip today into the -11F (without the windchill) I feel that maybe I have died and am stuck in limbo.....you, definitely are in heaven! How gorgeous! Soak it all in for those of us who barely remember the sun.....

Oh, how I would love to be right there with you. More snow in our forecast for 4 of the next 5 days.

I'll just focus on the peeks of Spring right here :)

Oh I wish I was there..
Maybe in my dreams tonight.

These photos are inspiring, Corey! We can't wait to return to Cassis for a longer visit this year!

I need this spring therapy so very much in these cold snowy Canadian winter days. Thanks for sharing
Much love


Ahhhh! The light is glorious!
Gorgeous photos. Makes me want to
run to the blue sea and soak in the sun.

It all looks so fabulous, nothing like spring most beautiful time of the year

A lovely life! Making daffodils right now for 1/2L! Thanks for the (excellent ;-)) photos!

In the 4th photo down, it looks like a tree on the right
but then it looks like something camouflaged.....what
is that?

I think it's the trunk of a plane tree. The same trees you see the branches of in the first photo.

Corey, I can only dream of spring. We are expecting another foot of snow this weekend which seems beyond believable. We have over 70 inches still on the ground right now. I have never in my life seen this much snow. So it is a pleasure to see cassis again and dream of daffodils emerging in my garden.

Beautiful blues...did you buy anything at the brocante?

The color of the sea...I can't wait to swim there! Thank you for the reminder of a very different kind of beauty than we have in the waters of western Oregon right now.

Happy days indeed. Spring is emerging. After years living in Florida we are thoroughly enjoying seasons again.

Bracing for another 12-18"

Oh Corey... This morning when we woke, it was -40°C (with windchill).

Your pictures remind me of how much I love France, and what a wonderful life we used to have.

That is so beautiful! Perhaps I can manage to mimic the scene just a little in my own courtyard!
Drink in the beauty!

Wow, thanks Momof5. I didn't know anything about plane trees so I looked up images. It really does look like camouflage. It's beautiful!

Glorious colors and textures! My favorite is the camouflage green covering of the tree trunk. And second favorite is the vivid blue sky pouring through knobbly plane tree branches.

(Hello Corey! I've been travelling and working and away from your blog for a while, as you might have gathered from my silence. Nice to be back!)

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