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13 February 2015


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Yes, nothing else matters when family comes to visit. Beautiful, gorgeous surroundings just make it all that much better. Happy Valentine back to you!

I agree with you about authentic places. Here, they are getting increasingly difficult to find -- everything is a franchise, or becomes a franchise if it is successful. Or it is like Disneyland -- a fake French brasserie, here. Or it is pretentious (and too expensive).

But France still has a plethora of wonderful authentic places, which is reassuring.

I am so happy for you that Chelsea is home!!

All week, the 11 year old girl and I have cuddled together on the sofa, sick together with the flu. Spending so much time together has been lovely, even if we have been feverish, achy, stuffy and otherwise miserable. :-)

Marseille is so beautiful! One day...

Beautiful pictures Corey. I assume Notre Dame is the tower on top of the hill...

Your photos make me feel the calm stability of France in its quality, age, and beauty. The solidness of it makes me relax unlike anywhere else I've found.

The thing I remember most about Europe was the complete absence of plastic in view. Rather just wood, stone, and glass. So much more peaceful in the soul.

The weather here is wretched, and only getting worse. Wish I were there (le sigh).

Have fun with Chels!

YES- It is a love thing!

"...as a parent of grown children who live away from home, when they do return nothing else matters. The only feeling I have is joy and the desire to hold them close from here to eternity." I couldn't agree more, Corey, and thank you for putting it so beautifully.

Yes, when an grown child returns home.......I remember my husband saying after we picked up our daughter from the airport, (she had been overseas for 2 years) he was just content to listen to her talk all the way home. Nothing else mattered, a Father had his 'little girl' home.

Spending time with my adult children and their families is the thread that pulls up memories, times to picture together and treasure...true mother love comes to the surface every time they are near me. Thank you for once again giving u s a beautiful family love story, Corey.

Right with you, when my daughter comes home I hug her so tight she begs me to stop with a big smile on her face. I sniff her and breathe in her essence. I look in her eyes and the love I feel consumes me. God, thank you.
Love the character you identify. Marseille is definitely on the list.
Happy V day! xo

I know just how you feel--about the children coming home--and about the real places. All the photos looking at the view are so calming. Thanks

Oh, so totally agree with you. Time with my daughters is just for them---or me! Having the last week with them in New Zealand, they now return to France and England---we to Colorado. Love those precious moments.

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