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02 January 2015


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Yet again you have started my day with laughter!

I'm sure this was a frustrating time, but I love reading and laughing along as you both struggled to get to know one another. Thanks you for sharing :)

I looove your story. You should write the book. It would be a bestseller.

Well, I suppose corn is one way to call it... although I am partial to weenises myself.

I thought I knew San Francisco but I had to Google Cole Valley. What a great location that is, next to Haight Ashbury, Castro, Golden Gate Park.

Good that he modeled before the advent of iPhones. The poor models today for art classes could have their pictures circle the globe before class is over, lol.

The I-Beam? I used to go to the I-Beam in 1978-79. If I remember it was in the Haight, and I thought it was a gay bar. Isn't it?

I loved this post!(And the series) I am able to see the scene from the models perspective rather than the students. As a graduate of an Art School, I had many life drawing classes. Quite quickly, the subject becomes much like a still life. Concentration was focused in getting the correct contours, lines and shadows. But in my very first life drawing class, we new students were nervous and embarrassed. We focused on hands and feet, afraid to look any further.

I love this post series! It is so interesting and the language stuff is making me laugh out loud. I love the early pix of you and Yann also-you look so cute and so in love in the one of you two looking out the shuttered window. I really want to see one of the drawings from the art class;)

And to this day you wish you had a drawing (realistic though) of your darling husband from back when he talked like that, in Frenglish at best, and was tunty-tree.

Which may be why you decorate with nudes?

Poof! Hahahaha. Great story.

Cute! Love your early language, but I can imagine it was frustrating at times.

Wouldn't it be great if you had some of those drawings of Yann now?


This is such a funny story! The last sentence is really funny!

This post is so very amusing! When I was in art school, the male models were required to wear something covering their private parts, but the females were not. It seemed so terribly unfair. I wish I had been in Yann's class! Hahaha

What a funny story!

Having taken many life drawing classes, I always thought it must be hard, at least at first, for the models. We had all ages and shapes and sizes -- it was wonderful. It is true -- they were like moveable still lifes! The only time it was a little odd was when one of the models was an artist herself, and during the breaks, she would walk around, often still nude, critiquing our drawings of her. And then next term, she showed up in a couple of my classes...

I have to admit that at the time, by boyfriends wound up in my work quite a bit. I was a drawing/photography double major, and still have nude photos of exes somewhere in the basement!

Nice remembrance. Thanks for writing about the beginning of your French journey

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