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16 January 2015


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What great deals! I can't wait to see once everything comes together.

Corey! I love watching your projects take shape and its even more fun on a tight budget. You are inspiring!

Corey - this is so exciting to see it all come together....I remember climbing those steep steps and wondering if you were crazy but it is looking incredible. Really cosy and very personal! Love it!

I cannot believe you got that armchair for 39 euros. It is a nice one!

I learned about your blog from a Stampington magazine article about some women's retreat and have been following you ever since. I look forward to your posts everyday. I'm loving this tiny house project! Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Glad you decided not to paint the cabinet. It has great warmth/richness as is. Lookin' good.

How I adore the stages of your decorating. You are the best!!
Love that chair!!

What a great project, even if it might be a bit challenging! You go!

This is as delicious as the installments about your husband-like a decorating soap- what will be shown next-and all the while making it look easy-you have impeccable taste and vision-thank you for taking us along!

The little place looks so cozy the cute already! What fun to be able to do this. Cannot wait to see it all finished.

Such fun! How nice the cabinet looks with the floor.

Our German apartment was larger, but the same lack of anything and wires hanging from ceilings. Nothing, but a coal stove in the kitchen to heat the radiators.


Wow, an interior decorator who cooks dinner for the crew? I imagine you will be getting many jobs after this (smile) Decorating on a budget is right up my ally, a small space lends itself well. I am just curious...is there a bathroom? Or are chamber pots the order of the day in tiny, antique French houses?

I was wondering about the br myself.
Love the cranberry cabnet. I have never had any luck at the brocante w bargains, I always leave empty handed! Your finds are amazing. Can't wait to see the finished project.

You had me laughing out loud at the idea of a Small House Diet!

Love what you are doing -- that large needlepoint tapestry is beautiful, and adore the cranberry cabinet.

And appreciate that Arnaud's son is wearing a Canada jersey of some sort. ;=) Heartily agree with you that being a skilled handyman helps in furthering romance. I remember how back in the early '90s there was some sort of survey on who is the sexiest host on tv, and the winner was Norm Abram, the carpenter from This Old House. I kid you not!

I love that beautiful cabinet too...am so glad you did not paint it. Will the kitchen be used as a place to prepare food?

I don't know what euros equal in $$ but they sound like terrific deals..love that cabinet & it sounds perfect for the color scheme you mentioned in the first post. Can't wait to see it all finished..and, I think "romantic homes" magazine needs to pay a visit. :)

I have been so busy, and away from computer! I see "Tiny House"? You are amazing and this will definitely be an adventure to follow once again! All this looks so nice together, you are a great gatherer!

I love what I am seeing.

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