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24 January 2015


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Lucky Thierry! Lucky Gael!
I read your story thinking could that Australian woman have been me?
I thought about your story of meeting Yann. "It is French for John."
Do you know anyone named the French equivalent of 'Ron'?
Will Corey have a happy ending for me, too, one day?
I send blessings for their future.

My heart swells with happiness at such good news. The older I get the more I believe that there is a plan for us if we remain open to it. I don't even know these two lovers but as so happy for their happiness. Good job matchmaker!

All I can think of is:

Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
Make me a match,
Find me a find,
catch me a catch

I'm very happy for Thierry. Two months in Oz must have been quite an experience.

Woo-hoo!! Good job, Corey!

Love this and love your matchmaking! If you know anyone in their early 30's for my daughter let me know....

How wonderful for both of them! You've got the touch, Corey :)

Wow! That is wonderful.

When you tell us of these happenings my spirit soars to the highest heights .... I am so happy for them, for you and for all who have found their match!! You see and hear and feel things that others do not or cannot....how WONDERFUL A GIFT! I wish them a lifetime of love joy happiness laughter and peace-keep us abreast of all new developments(weddings engagements etc) There can never be anything better than love!! Here is to the young couple-for aren't we all young when we are in love!

I was waiting for this story! So happy for them. C, you know what I love about this story . when I was in Paris two years ago, I actually looked around the streets as I devoured The city hoping that I might run into you. What an incredible beginning for these two! xo

Boom! You've got the touch.

Felicitations to Gael & Thierry!

Best story I have heard in a very long time, congratulations to all!

I love this!!!!! Such a happy story. This was not mere chance! Believe...

Happiness floating around the world for Gael and Thierry.. you are, indeed, the best matchmaker, ever.

You have a gift!!!

I don't usually comment but I just had to. Love stories like this and best wishes to the happy couple! Thanks for putting a smile in my day.

What a lovely story. I'm here in England feeling rather stressed and a little depressed (not a lot because I'm not
a depressed sort of person). My daughter is in Canada where she has lived with her four children and her partner for 5 years. He has just decided that 'it's over' and gone to England leaving her in Canada with the kids - not his thank goodness- and no money a mountain of debts a mortgage, middle of winter and no transport and not knowing if or when he'll be back to sort things out! Lovely man!! She was desperate but the community (mostly Ukrainian) has rallied and helped her. Not a long term answer but something good for now. So it is lovely to read a love story and you must be a witch, Corey - bless you.

Fantastic story . I remember how much you help...you are the best match maker

What a wonderful story. I just read this post aloud to our weekend guests over coffee and we all agree your next project should be a screenplay. This story along with your own proposal with French husband! Can't wait to see who plays you.

That story is sweeter than the postcard

This is my favorite!

Very happy for both, but mostly Thierry. Happiness found...
Well done Corey, well done.

How beautiful are your love stories.
Love is all you need.
God bless you Corey for spreading love every chance you get with your gorgeous beautiful heart♥

Love begets love. All the love you gave Thierry bringing him back to good health through love. Then your continued wish for him to find a "mate". Well, prayers have been answered. So happy for them. There is nothing like finding your soul "mate".

As for you being the official matchmaker, yep you get the title. This could be your real purpose in life, bringing people together....all those lost souls looking for a soul mate from around the globe. Well, next to the Brocante, and decorating small apts, now you can add "The Matchmaker" from France - where love is the only language needed.

Corey, you are a woman of many talents but I think matchmaking is your real forte!❤️

I love to make matches too...............but my people are to shy to take that first step!

Thank you for yet another heartwarming story Corey! The best to Thierry and Gael! We're rooting for them💖💖

So amazing! Best wishes for Thierry and Gael.

Wonderful! There's only one word for it - Magic!
Wishing the very best for Gael and Thierry.

This is so heartwarming! Thank you for letting us in on their fabulous news!

I am so happy for Gael! And so glad I got to spend a day with her last June. It's just so nice knowing it has all worked out for her... (and Thierry).

I hope all will work out for your daughter and in the mean time I am sending love prayers and feelings of strength and peace to all involved-

Oh, how sweet that is! A love story simply meant to be. : ) Best wishes to Gael and Thierry!

Aussie chicks rock!

We do love a good matchmaking love story
and this is the best. How wonderful!

That's amazing and just wonderful. If you hadn't walked to that meeting or been there a minute earlier or later, this would never have happenend. All the best to both of them. Great job, Corey!!!

Fate, what is meant to be will be. A happy ending.

Goodness! You certainly are! The warmest wishes for health and happiness to Theirry and Gael!

Corey...you are a rock star matchmaker! We are so happy for Thierry and Gael. I hope we can meet them when we are in France this year! Merci Beaucoup for the wonderful love story.

Wow!!! jody/ fl

Lucky them to have a friend like you!

Well isn't that a special gift. Have you told us the other three match-making stories?

Blessings to Thierry and Gael. And here's hoping you'll let Corey photograph you at some point so we can see your shining faces.

Just beautiful, I wish them the best.... And good for you following your heart and taking the chance to invite a stranger into your circle...

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