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14 January 2015


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I wouldn't dare to offer advice, but I'm enjoying this glimpse of the process and the whole idea of a tiny house near a river flowing with the tears of Saint Mary Magdalene.

I love the name Cracker Box Palace! what would that be in French? I say stick with your light colors-it makes everything appear larger, but use the bright colors to add zing-the super bright rug on the floor is great-it "grounds" the space. Oh Corey, just do what you do and trust your instincts-they are always spot on! This is such fun, thanks for taking us on your decorating adventure.

Don't paint the chair! It's lovely just the way it is.

Oh what magic the magician, Corey, employs as she climbs up and down, down and up..all the while seeing the possibilities and seeing just what will work..What delight to be riding along in your backpack as you take snapshots and write thoughts...a magical small dwelling within walls, and the river of tears flowing by...those who stay here will be surely blessed.

However you make it, they will love it. A beautiful respite next to a river. I have to say, knowing the water is referred to as the river of MM's tears, is not soothing to me. I will pretend it is where the magical Fairies gather to bless the souls with their little flickering lights at night. I cry enough tears through the year, that I need to slip away to a fantasy place. Have fun with the project.

Could you please post a photo of the outside? Or maybe the image in my imagination is the best view?

No, don't paint the chair..I'm so tired of seeing good vintage furniture getting all painted over..paint the crappily made new stuff. Use textiles to give color & texture..the walls are white so that will already lighten up the little space. This tiny house sounds quaint & very charming to me.

I like the chair color, you can always paint it later. Go with your great interior decorating instincts!
Hey, any news on Jean Luc?


Well, you know me, I would paint it white...

How I am enjoying this journey with you! Keep the stories coming!

I know it will be extra special when you are finished decorating it. Sweet!

Be sure to show us a photo of the offending, restricting, tiny front door at some point please.

I love tiny houses and hope to live in one some day. Meanwhile (from my 3900 square foot house), I suggest that you NOT paint that chair. It is lovely just as it is!

When you have it put together, the chair will then tell you if it needs painting!

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