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09 January 2015


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And that is why we all respond as we do-even if we do not live in France, and even if we know you are not in danger. Danger can come at any time. During 9/11 I could not get hold of my brother for several hours and he lives in Washington DC. It made me sick with worry. He was fine, but all those other who were not! And all of their family members who suffered and grieved! Take from this the image of thousands of French men and women standing in solidarity, standing in peace and goodness. Muslim's beside Catholics beside Jews. There is far more good than bad, it is just clouded now by extremists. Take special care. We are all thinking of you and sending you and your family special prayers Corey.

Praying. My heart goes out to the people of France.

I am sitting here, nodding my head in agreement, Corey, with your words, your thoughts shared here.

I'm glad your son was far from his neighborhood.

The violence is a concern to all peaceful citizens throughout the world. I thought of your children when I heard of the violence in and around Paris. I thought of a lovely young lady who spent Christmas with my family here in the US a couple of years ago. She is a native of France and a practicing Muslim now living at home in Marseille. She is so kind and thoughtful. Violence of this kind affects us all. So relieved to learn your children are safe and praying the peace is restored.

Continuing prayer upon prayer for those directly affected and their families and loved ones. Prayer after prayer for all of France. We are ALL connected, one family.

It is incomprehensible. So wrong, so sad. I have thought about your children all day and of all the families in France. I am so glad Sacha was not at home. Prayers for France. We must learn to love one another.

Continuing to send prayers for all. As you said, we must ask for His protection to matter where we are because we do not know where or when events such as these may occur.

So glad to hear Sacha was well away from the area this time and hope he heeded your advice to stay with Chelsea.

Glad to know that Sacha and Chelsea are safe. Will they attend the Sunday observance(s) in Paris?

I loved the illuminated defiant message on the Arc de Triomphe: "Paris est Charlie."

Heartbreaking. Just heartbreaking.

This is a horrible thing. I have thought of you and your children and my friends that live near Paris. It is sad. Prayers for France and the US and for all the senseless terrorist violence around the world.

This felt very personal to me, Corey. It was an assault on freedom of speech, and also because I know your kids are in Paris. When I heard the news or the attack I thought of them right away, and I prayed for their safety. I pray for the victims and all who suffer.

Prayers for peace in France. Such a terrible heartbreaking time. It was awful listening to the events unfold. Glad your children are safe!!!

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