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08 January 2015


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We ask how your are because France is a part of all of you.
When 911 happened...it affected everyone clear across the nation. We cried, sick to our stomach for the loss of so many humans. We cried for the families left to morn and say goodbye, never, never seeing their people again.

The world is on high alert now for loss. We just don't know when the next jolt will be. Sure we go on living...but never like before.

Love you, and your family.

So glad to hear that Chelsea and Sacha are well. Thinking of all of you as shock wears off and mending must begin.

Corey, I think your blog friends ask how you are because of genuine concern for you and your families well being, even knowing you are physically ok. I think it is a virtual hug when one cannot hug in person. Friends reached out to us in the same manner after the boston attack. I've been so stuck by the similarities to the Boston marathon bombings. Brothers again, police in riot gear going door to door, a lone police officer killed....a city rising up and saying we are stronger than hate. It's a scary time and makes me sad for our children who have grown up with this their entire lives. Your blog is always a bright spot in my day!

"Yann asked why so many of you wrote us, saying, 'Sorry...'"

For the same reason that people from around the world showed solidarity with the U.S. in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, even though most Americans lived far from the four locations struck -- human compassion, pure and simple.

I love each of the thoughtful responses here.

Because you are there in France, and because we know you (and we feel we do, because of how beautifully transparent you are with the things you choose to share about your life), you are the bridge to that shock and loss for the rest of us scattered around the world.

On the morning of 9/11, I'd barely gotten up in my Washington state home, about to get ready for work that Tuesday morning, when my father-in-law in Houston TX called. The first thing he said was "Are y'all okay?" (He was so sweetly Texan.) I had no idea what he was talking about, and when he told me I was shocked but still mystified, since we were all the way across the nation from the events. Still, he was checking in on us cause he loved us.

And when I went to Kosovo only one month after 9/11 -- that land where houses were still burnt out and people barely healing from their horrific war of neighbors-against-neighbors -- because I was American, I became the representative of all America for the Kosovars I met. It was truly humbling to have them express their sorrow to me about the 9/11 attacks. It makes me tear up even as I type in fact.

We are all Charlies to each other. And Ahmeds. And brothers and sisters.

Even knowing you guys were not in "harms way" we still feel and have empathy for all in France as I feel for ALL innocent victims & their loved ones of murder & tragedy. The world has gotten smaller and more compassionate even as it has gotten more insane. This being also about the freedom of speech and in the city of Love has made it even more significant.

Because we know everyone in France, but especially our dear friend Corey and her family, will be heartsick and grieving the lost of lives, the loss of innocence, the loss of humanity. Because we have come to love the culture and beauty of France and it's people, because when what we have come to love has reason to grieve, we share the grief in the hope of sharing the burden, the sadness, the loss.

Je Suis Charlie

Moi aussi, je suis Charlie. Mon cœur pleure pour la France.

similar here just before Christmas. terror attack in the heart of Sydney, where people were out enjoying the season. I live quite a bit away from Sydney. Maybe like you from Paris, but friends across the world, asked if I were ok.. that is what normal, loving, caring people do. And I for one, will not allow a terrorist to change the way I am. I do not fear. I love.

Je Suis Charlie...xxxoxoxo

Yes! I understand and appreciate all of your caring concern and love!!!!! Yann was blaffled because I do not know why. But I wasn't. Terrorism effects us all!

...we weep with you...we pray with you...blessings laney

There are no words and then, Corey, you find the right words. I am so sorry for all in France and for this new reality that we all have to live with.❤️

Watching and reading developments with horror and sorrow. Je sues Charlie.

When something like this happens the world becomes very small...I immediately thought of you and your family and then of whoever else I know that may have been in Paris that day. You are right Corey...terrorism does affect us all.

We stand together, we grieve together, we unite together.....we wait.

I agree this is wrong to kill in the name of God and anybody with any common sense knows this. These people are really brain washed into killing in the name of God.

Your blog was the first place I came after hearing the news, not certain where Chelsea and Sasha were at the time. I saw nothing on your blog about Charlie yet, so I didn't write anything in the comments, not wanting to scare you unnecessarily. But just as Je suis Charlie, your children are our children.

Thank you for this sensitive and heart-centered post, Corey. Knowing that your children are safe, feels a bit of relief, and knowing that when there is hatred in actions the heart of all is wounded by such actions. Praying for peace in all the world, for healing of differences, prayer is where I go...thank you for sharing your life, and the life of your family with so many of us around the world.

Thank you Corey. It's been shocking hearing and watching all this news about our beloved France and Paris. We have extended family and friends in Paris and suburbs and we are praying for all of you and the families of the deceased.
We are all connected!
Suki Tutthill

I think we all know deep down it is going to get worse and not better, and feel for our future generations and do not understand how these people could do this in the name of God and that a door has opened that we do not know how to close. So sorry for all those who lost there lives and know how your country is mourning.

People have been fighting wars and killing
each other for 2000 years. Each generation
spends their life waiting for war.
Why? Really, why?

I am angry, afraid, and so very tired of the killing.
Imagine.......If they gave a war, and no body came.....

It is because of you....both of you....that we fell in love with France.

dave & teresa

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