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05 January 2015


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Though I've read this part before, shivers went down my spin as I read the end of this post. Something similar happened to me over 42 years ago and counting. God is amazing, isn't He! We don't need to search for love, we need to trust God to provide. And when we least expect it, He provides perfectly. Love it!

Corey I agree with everything Patti said above shivers and a smile- kismet- fate- divine intervention-random occurrence- serendipitous event luck magic ....what ever you call it each chapter's reading has me on the edge of my seat THANK YOU FOR SHARING WITH US-

A beautiful love story.

Amazing story..it's magical. Love your sharing all this. :)

This post made me smile and suddenly cry. You're a great storyteller. xox, d

I love this story!!!!!!!! Just like the LORD to do something like this!!!! AWESOME testimony!

I love reading this story again, Corey!!! I have told many friends how you met FH. I think it is the most romantic thing ever! I still wish you would write a book. Your life beats even the most compelling novel.

Well! That just gave me chills!

Chills for me too......!

I second Patti whole-heartedly.... :)
This is a 'divine' story; up to now I always thought that How I Got Together With MY HERO HUSBAND was the most unusual and God-directed story - but you've beaten me by a few miles... (not that I mind)
I am very happy for you and John..... and I was reminded that a very dear friend of ours in England is called Jan (Dutch) BUT his company/employer forced him to have his mail named 'John'!
Thank you for sharing your treasures. I DO apologize for not writing more often - I have to be very careful with my computer time because my eye-sight is diminuishing rapidly and 'computering' tires them much!

Tingle factor alert! Can't wait for next installment.

Wow............that is absolutely incredible!

Wonderful!! Such a sweet love story, and even better because it is true!!!

Have you read Mark Halpern's Winter's Tale? It is fiction and a slow start, but very romantic in a certain way.
I think you might like him. Trust me, it's relevant.
You can see the Hollywood version, and while its good, it does not do the book justice.
God was always with you.

"Yawn" - hahahahaha! How darling a story though! How cool he picked you - you didn't have to do the pursuing.

And what oh what if the imaginary man name you'd picked out had been Alphonse...

I cried....wow Grace xoox

I love your story! Tissues please!

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