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30 January 2015


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This would have been a good time for an English-French dictionary lol.

Now frustration must be taking hold just hearing your story. Oh I do hope you ended up getting something special for your new life with French husband.

Feeling anxious. Want a happy outcome for you both.

I surely hope you are going to tell us MORE about how this story turned out. Did she offer to share any with you? Did French husband see the light before it was too late? Your linen photos make me drool.......

Just think the stories woven in those linens. They would make for a very interesting book.

You and I are cut from the same cloth.....I am squirming in a very uncomfortable way. I thought you were going to say she handed a stack to you and motioned you to record it! I trust this has a happy ending.

Ah, yes; lucky you

Oh!! That linen!! Swoon... And PB! Those are Pierre's initials!!

Must definitely hear more (this is quite riveting)! I am trusting that this has a happy ending, after a generous turn...right?

Yes! What Diogenes said!

You are such a good story teller. I am getting madder and madder at Yann, btw. Well not really. But HONESTLY! That was family stuff!

(Although a cousin told of going through the estate offerings of a cousin of our grandfather, a lovely woman named Mary who never married, who lived always with her unmarried sister Emma, both of whom loved us all dearly and we loved them. My cousin knew that the rest of us who weren't there would like mementos too. But she was up against someone from the other side of that woman's family who was grab-grab-grabbing. It was fierce; my cuz had to get more pushy than she usually is. I don't know what she got everyone else, but I've been so tickled at the couple of pieces of costume jewelry my cousin got for me, and even more so by two spoons -- one engraved "Mary" and the other engraved "Emma.")

In the years since, I think you've more than made up for it, non?

Naughty Dartagnan!


What ever you decided to do was the right thing... Evidenced by the wonderful life you've made together. Wonderful tale!

Yes would love a book.

Those linens are to die for. I found one at the brocante w an m, that I was going to give my daughter, meg. It was priced at about 40.00 US, and the gut wouldn't budge. That was the closest I got to buying anything at the brocante! I can't imagine closets full, and what about lipstick fear!

Those photos are gorgeous. What a great story. I want to know what happened but I also do not mind the suspense of the telling...
I have collected linens with monograms and plan to make a quilt with them so they live on and see the light of day!

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