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01 January 2015


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Dear Corey, Happy New Year to you and your family!

Happy New Year to you xx

Happy New Year!

Interesting, I also met my French husband when he took time off in the USA -- not a year, but about four months. Since I was a French teacher, many people assume we met in France, but this is not the case.

It was meant to be :-)

thanks for the story - would love to learn more!

Of *course* we want to hear about the nude modelling!! (and the au pairing too!)

In 1986, I was in art school, drawing nude models twice a week. None of them looked anything like Yann. (Of course, Calgary was not much like S.F. either)

I met mine in 1988 when I went to get an application for grad school -- he was working the reception desk.

All it took was just one look.

I swear, there were Broadway theatre marquee arrows flashing and pointing towards him from every direction, and the Universe was booming inside my head "That is HIM! Do you hear me? That is HIM, THE ONE!".

How romantic the story that brought the two of you together so many years ago. So happy that both of you found the right person and that you came to write a blog about your experiences living in France. Happy new year.

What a joyous meeting and life that has ensued. Thanks for sharing it with your blog readers. Happy New Year.

This is getting very interesting. Please continue the series. And, to be clear, I am not just referring to the part about the nude modeling. Most of us have done a little of that at one time, usually 25 years and 15 pounds ago. Happy New Year and thank you for sharing your engaging stories and wisdom.

I saw so many great shows at the IBeam on Haight in the eighties (Replacements, Buzzcocks, Meat Puppets...)! It was a blast! How funny you would meet your husband there. We must have run in the same circles!

You betcha we wanna hear!! 😄 I only hope he wasn't modeling nude as an aupair. 😳😃
I sure laughed at #6. I never heard the story of your meeting..pretty remarkable.

You met Yann as an answer to all the prayers going your way at the time. Interesting how the universe does that in the most unexpected places and time. The only part about it is that it took you far away from your family, friends, and country. Watch out what you pray for, you will get an answer but it may not be exactly how you imagined it. :)

your stories, Corey, always warm my heart and give me morning smiles...what happy, only pure magic could arrange this meeting memories you have. So many shared years, beautiful children, so much love and deep friendships..thank you for adding all of this to my life through stories shared...may you and Yann continue to explore new routes of adventure forever...the surprises are the magic.

More, more…..


Lucky me, because I started reading today instead of yesterday, so I got the nude modeling story before the step-by-step above. (How long did he do it, btw? I would think the hardest part was to hold a still pose as long as required, which probably is what took all the "poof" possibities out of the picture. So to speak.)

Actually I want to hear more about #5: "During a freak snowstorm in Colorado he kissed a girl in the backseat of a police car." What was he doing in the back of a police car? Kissing a girl? In a freak snowstorm? What an intriguing mishmash.

Also I"m wondering what you'd do if one of your dear children, at age twenty-seven (or tunty-tree; I love how you wrote that!), met someone in a club and immediately took up with him/her and moved away to live married in that other person's country. Don't things just look oh so different when one is young and enthused (and perhaps slightly short-sighted) and bold?

Happy new years to you and Yann.

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