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28 December 2014


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So nice to read that Yann is generous when it comes to getting things to the apartment. I could hardly believe that he carried the cabinet all the way home which I hope is close to the point of purchase. He seems a keeper for so many reasons.

As for Sacha: bless his pea pickin' heart.

P.S. The result of his work: perfect.

The story of the drill and the water pipe had me laughing out loud. Though I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time.

The plates look great and they're in my favorite color: various shades of white.

i actually love how you have readers in tears of poignancy one day then do such a realistic down to earth post like this. In answer to your question, yes, in this house we do have "weird things in [our] relationship that [we] have to work around and be mindful of." And I love how you balance the quotidien frustrations with acts of generosity and love -long term relationships are like that - compromise, cuddles, and working out who puts out the bins....

DITTO Liz! So true about the C.C. and bins. Merci!

Dear Mdm T. Oh a keeper indeed. He has done more in that apartment than imaginable! And has carried tons! The shop was over a mile away. Gulp.

Oh Corey, I've said it before (this morning in fact!), and I'll say it again -- I cannot believe how alike Yann and Pierre are! The same dark curly hair, the same speed demons (they could make good ski buddies), similar bone structure, same need for not speaking, same generosity, and now this, the same obstacles to handyman work around the house.

Every idea I get at home is impossible it seems... a couple of months ago, I bought metal files from CB2 to hang on the wall of the office. He rolled his eyes when he saw them, and muttered something about how I am always trying to do impossible things. Hey -- we don't have stone walls, there's no plumbing in that part of the house, and since he did the rewiring himself, he knows where the electricity is and isn't. We even own a stud detector. And there are such things as anchors for drywall.

They are still lying under their boxes under the bed...

Alas, my Viggo is only 8, so I cannot get him to do what Sacha did, although I will do what I can to foster such technical skills ;-)

Seriously, you need to share more tips Corey -- I think both your homes are more finished than mine is!

And I LOVE your apartment, and the plate project. So beautiful!

Oh Corey, I do live with a handyman and he looks at me like I have two heads at many requests. He blames the blog world for my home improvement ideas. I usually get what I want but always with a kind warning of this is the last change. Oh sure it is.

Your decorating is stunning. You need to write a book about it.

A friend often suggests outdoor garden and construction projects that sound fabulous-but are difficult if not physically impossible for one person, Please send Sacha back to Seattle this summer :-)
Can't believe Yann hauled that beautiful cabinet for a mile and then up the stairs! Maybe you need to get a portable dolly/cart to take along when shopping in Paris.

Farmboy Husband is taciturn, too, and also won't hire a handyman, so I feel your pain. One possible explanation for Sacha's hands-on attitude could be that he's only HALF-French (LOL!). But that doesn't explain Farmboy husband, who's no more French than you or I :-)

The plate corner like the entire apartment is a world of balanced beauty-isn't life in general so much of a balancing act---the give and take the yin and yang--I often say I need staff-starting with a handyman and a contractor-You have exquisite taste corey in décor and men-


love the platters and the new paint job! perfect as usual my friend!

This post just makes me smile.
I have a husband quite similar,
he doesn't want someone to do the
job, but isn't really efficient at
doing it himself. I make a list that
I keep hidden and prioritize it. Then
gradually work down the list only one
job at a time. If I showed it to him he
would be overwhelmed and nothing would get done.

I use my sons for handiwork all the time. I used to have a handyman. His name was Phil and he was a retired surveyor. He was positively picky and perfectionistic-it was heaven. I would arrange for Phil to come over after my husband left for work. I think the neighborhood was abuzz. For me it was the perfect kind of affair-the husband goes out the front door while the handiman comes in the back door. Funniest thing of all, the husband never even noticed the work handyman did! Alas, Phil moved to Florida. That story about your dad is hilarious:) Corey, and I agree with Sacha, you need more platters. Now get out there and shop!

EVERY year I ask for a handyman for Christmas. I have a running list that I keep on my iPhone--ready at a moment's notice. EVERY year, my beloved asks me what I want for Christmas. I say "Could I have a handyman?" Maybe I don't ever get one because he always asks "Why?" Then probably says to himself, after I efficiently pull up my iPhone list, "Oh, I can do that." But really, would I ask for a handyman if he actually did what he things he can do?

Last year, while I was away volunteering in Africa for 2 months, my husband did the nicest thing and painted the inside of the house. Unfortunately, his color choice was not the nicest thing and now the repainting project also resides on my iPhone list.

I feel your pain. And next time you're having lunch at the Marquis (in Chico, my next door neighbors and best friends) we will figure this out.

Oh yeah, a handyman would be great..I get the sighs & eye rolls when I need things hung up. It's why I have so much not hung up still.

I've got a handyman. Just at the moment the handiest thing about him is that he is here!! We have just moved and the pictures aren't hung and the shelves need putting up etc. etc,
He says we've only been here six months - no rush.
Guess who's shed is put up and shelved and tools hung up?

We have done many, many projects together and apart in houses all over the country. I'm pretty good with everything but - when my husband hears me getting a hammer and nails or a drill, he comes running. We have plaster walls. Big holes are created when you try to nail or drill into plaster....and yes, big pictures do hide big holes!

Love the story, and LOVE the platters!

Next time buy the paint yourself, in the color YOU want :-)

Beautiful and very funny!
I used to plan projects when my husband was away on business!

I had to laugh. My husband is exactly the same way. When we were first married he would try to fix things but they ever quite worked out and we ended up having a repairman anyway. Now I do try to fix some things myself. He says he has neither the talent or inclination or interest. He has so many wonderful traits that I just overlook it. Well, usually.

what a wonderful story retold, especially of the exploding wall! Good luck with smaller Gien platters!

Ps - what did you use to refinish the corner cabinet? My sister likes to refinish furniture and your piece looks terrific!

Your post is one I could read over and over and relate to your situation! Isn't it funny when the son stepped in all is well, ALMOST! Great story and I love how your corner of wonderful old plates turned out! Your decorating eye is perfect!

I belong to your club too.
Sasha is a good boy!
The plates are beautiful, Corey.Wow!

What a laugh I had over your burst water pipe story. Being a single girl myself there are some things that I'm just not able to do so I call "Hire a Hubby" and a professional handyman comes over and does a list of things for me at one time. An invoice appears via email and I pay for the service via online Internet banking....so easy.

Next time Yann goes away on business you could have a handyman already willing and waiting to come and do your list while the coast is clear. Say nothing to Yann but cook his favourite dish on his return and some other treats to soften the blow ; ) a girls got to get sneaky when DIY needs to get done!

Good Luck

Ha! Loved the broken pipe story. I frequently refer to you and your antics, but I have never actually read the blog to my husband, until now. Dangerous, I know. It could certainly backfire on me the next itme I want anything done, but I knew he would be amused.
Yay Sacha! Sounds as though he is happy to be handy.

This very thing happened in our house over Christmas. My DH is not handy (now there's an understatement)!, but youngest son is - and a perfectionist as well. His sisters call him "the helpful child" for good reason. Chairs repaired and new shelves up . DH happy with the progress and that he didn't have to do it. I'm happy because projects are done and done well. And like you, I wish the helpful one lived closer - and not only for his skills!

The POOF! Oh nooooo! That was no doubt horrifying at the time but hey, now it makes for a terrific story and a funny scene in a potential upcoming movie. Just tell French Husband that. All these requests are research material for a future book (which I've always thought you should write, btw. Seriously. A book. A screenplay).

If you knew George Amaro, you'd laugh even louder.

I have one of the handiest men around who not only hangs pictures but buys the art. Try getting him on a plane, though. He'd rather drink a battery acid cocktail rimmed in broken glass. I've spent more time on a plane with Yann than with Mr Bollo.

plane or art buyer... now that is the question!

Spec-tack-u-lar!!!! Those platters looks like heaven in that corner above that cupboard, Corey. You are a brilliant decorator and a clever wife.

I agree that a few more in the middle would make a lovely arc or triangle to make it look even better. But delightful as it is too. Love that some were hung with the staples on the bottom showing.

I had to rush through looking at this one, so may be back with more comments tomorrow.


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