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17 October 2014


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What utter debacle has been brought upon this beloved place!
Time-worn beauty, some people fail to see the beauty in it.

OMG!! I've never been there but just looking at the photos, it
makes me sad and angry. WHY, WHY, WHY, do people do that?!! I'm like you, I get sick when something beautiful, full of patina, gets replaced by what is clearly bad design and totally wrong for the space and not taking into account the history of it at all. I'm sad that I will never get to see it the way it was and I'm sorry for you having lost something so treasured. Just boggles the mind.

Agree with you, I'm not a fan of the blue, especially THAT blue.

I'm with you on this one too, Corey. Why change the good parts? Why change the classic parts? Old is better. I do not like blue anything, I know, I'm stuck in my ways.

I'm betting that one of your first thoughts was where did the old beautiful furniture go. Maybe you will spot it at a brocante. The new décor is not nearly as welcoming as relaxing as the old style.

How sad. Truly...how sad.

You apologize a bit for being critical. Blast those stupid people who take something treasured and destroy it in the name of improvement and renovation. They are blind and stupid. Aren't there any historical associations in France that protect places like Le Train Bleu? Here in the states I've found that historical protection associations often have very little power to protect. They can stall development but not forbid it. I'm sorry for your (and our) loss.

Sacrebleu! The one thing I didn't get to do on my last trip and now it's gone. What a shame.

so sorry! I always wanted to see it the way it was, now if I visit I will just look up.

Tearing down the open markets of Les Halles to make way for a generic, common mall? The modernisation of Paris. Have we not learned from our past mistakes?Georges Pompidou would approve.
Sad, very sad. My heart aches, as I will never experience Le Train Bleu as it should.

How has the renovation been received in Paris?

So very sad to see such a landmark altered in such a way!!! The chairs are ugly. I'm very sorry, Corey.

This reminds me of when Tavern On The Green in New York was destroyed.

I m so sorry, Corey. It fell into the wrong hands, as did our deep and cherished La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Fortunately we still have our memories and pictures of the way it was.

Terribly sad. Perhaps you can track down the glorious red tufted chairs somewhere. Two of those to nestle in would heavenly.

From what I can see in your pics the historic is so much more inviting & cozy. Sad that these young decorators/designers and, in most cases the new owners who just want to make more $$ & don't care about history & have very little appreciation for classic & what works. The new design just doesn't fit here, that's for sure. Quality craftsmanship & design has gone downhill over the years. You should see the ugly Lego block-like things they construct in SoCal..horrid. They are all too lazy & greedy to restore anything with history here...and, this is even the Modern CA design of the '30s-'60s they demolish since we don't have a very long history.
BTW, I can't even believe that is a McDonalds!! For some reason I just don't associate "gourmet food France" with fast food chains! I mean, maybe a little dinky McD on a side street, but this big elaborate design?

I couldn't agree with you more, Corey. A horrible desecration...

Glad I ate there before all this occurred :(

I am shocked - I didn't think this would happen in France - I live in NZ where we don't appreciate anything of age - but in France I thought they new better... it is very sad. What a real shame when something is altered forever.

So sad to see this, I don't think I can go back in it. I've only been in once and felt like I had gone back to an earlier time. It was on my list of places to go when I come back to France, Oh well.

My heart aches with you.

This is a completely insensitive renovation. When making any changes to an icon, one must be very careful, ad understand the sustaining principles of what makes it special. They seem to think that by not touching the ceiling they are not doing any damage, but they are mistaken.

This being Paris, I expect a hue and cry about the changes -- is there one yet??

Oh Corey, at least you had 27 years with Le Train Bleu, but I alas, have not, and now it is almost all gone :-( I could just weep...

They've destroyed the magic...

Oh, Corey! I'm just SICK reading this and seeing the photos of the "improvements." Yikes! It's a travesty!! Certainly, there's someone or some organization there that could have prevented this?!?

In deep mourning,

When I saw the notices for the auction of items from the interior I knew it was a bad sign. Very sad. The previous decor was timeless and part of the attraction.

I'm going up to Paris on Thursday and will have breakfast with my daughter at the Train Bleu - we were looking forward to seeing the result of the renovation, but am now dreading feeling disappointed. I will warn Tanya so that she's not shocked ! Will give you my opinion on Friday.xxx from Burgundy.

Oh, that makes me sick too and I've never been there or get to see what it once was. Are those beautiful painted murals on the walls still there?

Oh no! You're right - I like the old better. Why do all designers want to modernize? How about just restoring the old with same colors and fabric type? Those blue chairs - yuck!

I am nostalgic already. Was this interior to go with some kind of "modern" menu?

I can't seem to find your e-mail address. I want to send you a picture I took of your Mom today at the Vintage Flea Market in Willows.

Two years ago this place was on my list of must visits; sadly, I didn't make it. So sorry to hear about this change.

so sad---- that could be London, San Francisco, anywhere----- it could have been Paris, but it's not..... I'm sure happy that I went to the Vintage Flea Market on Co. Rd. 39 in Glenn Co. early this morning! So many happy "re-do's" of old things... loved well, re-purposed, not replaced.

Epic post.

This is so sad , to see renovations done but not kept to the same style. The history has gone , and they want to move on to modern times, PAris is not about Modern times, well it is not to me.

Even I could pick better chairs than those horrendous blue ones , beyond belief and very sad .

IDIOTS..........ALL of them!
Your DEAD RIGHT SPOT ON..............
COLD and un charming........CAN we please leave the gorgeous old the way it was.......at least some of it!So, this NEW generation can get a TASTE of TASTE!!!!!!!
SO SORRY............That would have ruined my MONTH!I never saw the original......but TOTALLY GET IT!

I feel your pain. This historical gem has been robbed of it's aged charm and re-invented into something it isn't. I am so very sorry the age and architecture were ignored. An eclectic mix of old and new would have been so much more respectful. So dreadfully sorry for the thievery.

oh my. Gone is all of the warmth! How sad! It looks like the designers were wanting to make a name for themselves and completely missed the feeling and design of the space!

I've never been there but I agree with you based on the photos. I see this way too much in the US. It's hard to understand.

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