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13 October 2014


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O.k., did you have to share that my panties were black???! Torrential rains all the way to Venice, with a sprinkling of hail. Made it safe and sound. La Serenissima is breathtaking!


Oh what is wrong with black? I love black. lol. Glad you arrived safely! Miss you already.

This is just too good :)

Are you sure VR is Victoria Regina and not Very Round?

This is too funny! And I had no idea HRH was quite that large! My goodness! I am sure she would not be amused to know that all the world has had a look at her knickers!!! Goodness me!

That is hysterical! Wow, Queen Victoria was a healthy girl. Just realized her bustline was bigger in diameter than I am tall.

If i pay 6,200 for a pair of undies they need to turn me into Fabio or Liam Hemsworth every time I put them on, lol.

I'm curious about where in Montana they grew up.Years ago,when I could still see well enough to do it,I used some of their lovely cross-stitch patterns. :)

the panty sage just makes me smile with each segment. Happy Birthday to your mom too.

A 50" waist? Why I'm positively petite!

Color schmolor. What Franca wants to know is were they: granny panties, briefs, bikini, boy shorts, thong or g-string?

And, do you wear the same style of underpants in Italy as you do in France? Same color?

absolutely hilarious…..she was a healthy woman…wow….and the bed and breakfast, yummmie indeed ~ my dream ~ funny funny ! zooom to the brocante ~

Yann is indeed a Prince in many ways. And a very Happy Birthday to your mom!!

Corey, If you write a book, I will buy it! You organize a tour or open a B&B, I am in!
A devoted follower in North Carolina

Corey, you and your family make the world a better place. I'd, also, like to be on one of those Provence tours, through your eyes and heart. Thanks, Jacque


too funny + write that book + open a B&B. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Only Yann knows for sure...


It just gets better and better! I guess if you are paying by volume, queens panties are much more valuable than Denise's...but entertainment value? I think Denise and Yann win on that one!

I am surprised (or, as Queen Victoria might put it, shocked) that the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection apparently exhibits Queen Victoria's undergarments and allows them to be photographed and their measurements made public. Isn't that clearly disrespectful, well nigh a violation, of Queen Victoria, given the personal modesty that was integral to the strict morality for which she was and is known?
Of course the ongoing saga about W.R.'s panties is another thing entirely...!

Hi Julie -

We grew up in Great Falls. Our father was a cattleman and feed manufacturer.We both left when we went to college. Right after college, Charland married and went with her husband to East Africa, where they both taught; then they spent some years in New England before moving up to Toronto in the 80s. I went to college in Vermont, and lived in Putney for a few years afterwards - then went to Poland., for the weaving, then NY and a little stay in CA. I've been in Maastricht for more than 20 years.


Rebecca from the Pacific Northwest seconds Franca Bollo's queries.

I'm thinking those would indeed do that, Diogenes.

Those are some big honkin' panties.
BTW you seem to be using the "p" word with less shuddering these days.

Just went back and read the Queen Vic dimensions again: 4'-7" tall (= 55") and 50" around her waist. Oh my.

The queen version of the song "Mister Five by Five."

Happy Belated Birthday to your mom.

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