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16 September 2014


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Seeing it's Tuesday ... working. Franca's a working girl.

Writing an essay on the Battle of Fayal, the last great naval battle of the War of 1812, fought 200 years ago this month in the harbor at Horta in the Azores (have you been to Horta?). Fascinating history, and a major victory for the vastly undermanned Americans over the British.

Working,then errands, cleaning the house, walking the dog and...as a reward...going to Goodwill to drop off donations and "reload"!

Must read up on war of 1812-I thought it was all based in North America. What a person can learn from reading a blog and its' comments is amazing.

work, work, work 7 am to 5pm in the office...but if I work hard enough now I'll be able to retire in France later!:) YIPPEE!!

different sides of the world - the same thing!
i'm sitting here with my cup of tea in my gold rimmed blue willow cup contemplating having a day off.

lovely cup of tea. I much prefer the black over the blue, you chose wisely. I start my day with a small pot of tea and some form of toast with marmalade and maybe fruit. Today I was rehearsing for a class I am teach the first of October. Sort of scared because this is out of my comfort zone, but so good for me to step out. Yikes! Must practice more, my voice was shaking today.

Started early with harvesting grapes and watching the sunrise. Mid afternoon nap. Maybe watch same Giants baseball. Sleep. Repeat.

Finally landed a job! Yes! Good news for my family. Teaching middle schoolers art all day with dreams of spending future summers in France playing in my head during every free second. Yes, those summer months in the place that feels like home to me.

Day often starts with a cup of decaf black tea, a cup of rooibos herbal tea, and a pineapple, banana, spinach, almond milk smoothie to drink on my way to work, (yes I know it's a lot to drink, but it helps me stay hydrated). Egg fried in olive oil and a slice of rye toast completes breakfast.
Work, short bike ride, take son to swimming lesson.
Cory, thank you for your wonderful daily posts.

I always start with a cup of coffee. Upholstery class all day today. Went to the bank to order euros.Watched the Giants game (they won!). Forgot to eat dinner, a rarity for me!

Wednesday in Maine is a Plein Air painting day!

Start my day with 1c coffee......then green tea and smart water rest of day. Wed in Texas means tend to roses in the cool of the morning, cook dinner for hubs, work in home office, then an evening of bridge with pals!

Going to walk the beach with two lifelong friends on a glorious September day in New England.☀️

my day was getting my hair done, and when I do, I eat at this fabulous restaurant. I over ate, I get the same thing each time, it is divine. I think I am cured of this now, and now I need to walk 2x's today and the constant for me to exercise. Nature balances me ALOT. I know I must have this in my daily routine in a world that appears so tumbling in ways. I wish I could find a job in Provence ~ I can wear many hats too!
Have a nice day off Corey! is a day off the brocante? ha ha ha

I tried on my costume for the Napoleonic jubilee in our (French) town this weekend. I think I look like Little Bo Peep.

Say, Corey, your photos aren't nearly as good as they used to be. Could you go back to your good old camera?

work in home office + than lunch + leave for NY + so excited! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Just back from a vacation toOhio. Indiana, Illinois,and Tennesse. We antiqued alll along the way... found some fun things... a case bottle from the early 1700's...several pewter chargers....a salt glaze cake crock with a wonderful colbalt blue bird on it. My husband likes old tools and found some unusual pieces he did not have...a rye basket... and more.... so much fun.....We also went to the Days of the Pioneer show at the Appalachian Muesum in Cliton Tennessee. Now back to reality!!!

Southern California is (still) SO HOT !!

I plan to sit very still all day
and try to breathe without sweating.

I put my morning coffee in the fridge after
two sips, too hot, I'll drink it over ice
with my lunch.

Freshly squeezed orange juice, and a small pot of Mariage Frères breakfast tea -- lately, Tokyo Breakfast, Paris Breakfast or Russian Breakfast, but usually, French Breakfast.

Yesterday was an ordinary day -- they all are here. Wake up at 6, shower, breakfast, make lunches for the brood, drive to work, work all day, drive home, make dinner, collapse on favourite chair and watch Coronation Street. Nag children to practice violin, piano and guitar as appropriate; suggest bed, declare it is time for bed, shoo everyone to bed, cuddle them in bed, read or watch a little tv, sleep. Repeat.

Basically, the Canadian version of dodo, metro, bulot...

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