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26 September 2014


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I really like your musing posts like this. They make me think and touch my heart. Thank you, Corey.

straight from the heart, as always and so beautifully articulated, Corey.


Lovely thoughts! Especially timely as I am considering some new dreams. After all, so much has already come true! Makes me wonder what your dream might be. It will be.

I am going to do that. I will make a collage with my desire. Thanks! I absolutely love the Orsay too! It must be on the collage, which will have an airplane as the centerpiece.

That was very beautiful and uplifting.

VERY uplifting and given the state of our world, much needed.

Yesterday I began work translating the first page of the next novel I'm doing. That counts as "planting a seed" in my, um, book ;-)

Being in France again. I will head your suggestions, thank you. Love this

What a lovely list, Corey!

I could not but click from that email line when I saw your post alert drop in. What timing Corey! I woke early today to get on the computer to jot down my new enterprise idea before it vanished with the hubble bubble of another busy Saturday. So true - capture that idea, flash of inspiration in a gesture (must do something more poetic than sit at the terminal though). Then ensure you nurture it - sometimes harder to do than say, but your simple musing encourages me beyond belief! Have a good weekend Corey and dream on!

I'm SO excited to put these into practice. I've never been SO Excited!! :) It's time to invest in my dreams in the smallest ways, in the most mysterious ways, and stop waiting for more money, more time, more energy, more experience, more anything.

I love the long ago photos and even more the words written today. Marvelous ideas and thoughts. Such a flow to enrich ones self. Thank you.

Your post today went right tto the heart of me. When you pen thoughts in free verse, from your heart, they always fly through the air straight to me...and bring much insight and delight to me. Merci

What a good post. I've been working on giving myself permission not to feel like I have to be perfect. I tried not to worry about things not within my control. Et voila, we are on one of three AirFrance flights still on the schedule! D'Orsay, here we come.

I used to know what my heart desired. I used to feel passionate. Now I am afraid that maybe I do not know what my heart desires because I compromised for so long. France is in my heart and soul but my brain questions whether I know what's best for me. Money, the lack of,has held me back, it still does. I don't know what to wish for but I know what I don't want. I suppose my word would be Help.

I read this while the window men were here-and couldn't wait to comment when I was alone-this is one of my most favorite posts and I believe every word and suggested action to be true!

Thank you for another post full of hope straight from your heart. How do you speak of what is in our hearts so well? This made me feel so happy.

Ana,I know how it feels!
Focus on small steps,little everyday pleasures,enjoy what you do.Do what you love!
The answer will come to you!Money will come, too!
I know!:)

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