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23 July 2014


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I'm making this for my reading circle meeting on Thursday to discuss: The Invention of Wings. Should be lively discussion.

Will make it in France too, I'm sure!

Susan young

The two of you are just so darn cute !!!!!!!


Oh great, I'm sitting in my office during lunch drinking bottled water with a lime wedge and you're drinking Sangria with your good looking man? Where is the justice? I'm SO jealous.


Love the shades of red theme. Love the photos (as usual). Happy summer.

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

Flashes of RED. So vivid! Especially FH's glasses. I want some that red please.

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

PS. Good lipstick color too. And I like the crops with a dash of color in each.


Your red lipstick is fabulous! May I ask what brand/color it is? I've been searching for a true red for ages, and keep ending up with pink reds, or burnt reds:(


Ohh la la that looks like fun! French glasses frames are so much more fashionable than the boring U.S. ones.


you both are so so glamorous-love the glasses on both!-red lips to OH LA LA!!

ali moss

Martina.....try eyebobs.com, very cool frames.


Love the last picture Corey!

I'd like to dive into that glass of sangria and float in it on a pool raft, we're over 90 degrees today.


Love the color red. You both wear it well.

24/7 in France

Sangria and the color red - great combo!


So very Yann and Corey… so very French! LOVE it!!

La Contessa

Your lipstick is SUBLIME!Who's is it?Did you use a liner?
You two are ALWAYS out eating and drinking!!!!!!!!!
ALWAYS..........YOu know how lucky you are right?


You're so cute! My sister and I make WHITE sangria for the summer. Here's how: Take white grapes, blueberries, halved and hulled strawberries, and FRESH peach slices and put in freezer to freeze. Take large glass pitcher and pour in one bottle of chilled white wine (I like a sauvingnon blanc or chardonnay, not a sweet white one). Add generous pouring (did I say very generous?) pouring of peach schnapps, add either sparkling water, 7-up, gingerale to taste. Stir. Add in your frozen fruits which act as ice cubes to keep the sangria cold. Pour into clear wine glasses, making sure that each glass gets some of the frozen fruit. Garnish with fresh mint if desired. So delightful, refreshing, and delicious and nice accompaniment or in place of the traditional red sangria! Enjoy!


AllI can say is that You and Yann and the Sangria are a red ball of sunshine!
Thanks for your lovely post! So adore the red glasses! What a fashion statement!!!


Teresa Young

You guys are so adorable....love your photography!

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