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01 July 2014


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Oh my . . . what a treat!

I think I can smell it all the way over here....so beautiful!

Thanks, Corey. A dream I hope one day to see.

I love and have always loved and always will love your blog!!! Thank you xo

Just gorgeous!
I would be yelling to stop the car too.
The color is so stunning.
I have lavender in my yard, but it is a
lighter variety, still pretty, but not
as stunning!

Oh Corey this makes my heart ache...so beautiful... so sad I cant come see it at this time of year... me allergic to lavender and AH allergic to Bees! cest la vie! xo

So wonderful!
And you have been to Valensole!!! I also think the lavender is more beautiful than ever this year. My husband has been there last week and when I see his photos I could cry. I really hope that there will be some blooming lavender left when we come to the fete de lavande.
Thanks a lot for these beautiful impressions of the country of my dreams!

Have been to Moustiers a few times and one time to the chapel - a lovely town to visit and certainly scenic in itself and in the surrounding lavender and views of the Lac de Sainte Croix.

Giving me goose bumps today! Thanks for the stunning views!

I think we came to Provence at the wrong time of year! The photos are just beautiful -- such intense color. They look like paintings.

I'm inhaling vicariously through this post, Corey! Merci, merci, merci! Such beauty!

did not know that about the tile(love it)+ beautiful images. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Wow! thanks so very much for sharing it all!

Fabulous!!!! Thanks for sharing.... the fields of lavendar are magical....

I love the photographs. I would love to use one on my website, or as a book cover. Is this possible?
Love the BLOG!

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