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17 July 2014


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Is it a kind of protection against moths? "Plaquettes de Naphtaline" ... ???

Although they look quite yummy!

Small, colourful communion wafers -- to go.

Container for taylor's chalk?


Make that tailor's chalk (I should have said French chalk, easier to spell) *duck&run*

I think they are old pastilles - a little worse for wear over the years.

Baking wafers from a dollhouse grocery shop.

It's fishing bait, isn't it? I just got that idea when I tried to take a nap.

Bubble bath/bath salts

Are they tiddlywinks?

Fiddle dee dee...make that tiddledy winks!

Could they be button backers or patches for sewing a button back after the cloth was ripped when the button was lost? I have no idea of the French name: bouton dos or bouton correctifs? I've probably said something dirty, using Google translate.

They are an early form of birth control. Hold one between the knees, don't let go for anything!!

I bet they are perfume testing pads. Non?

bingo markers

Give us an "indice" please !!

I'd think they were soap flakes, but you said they are not. Well, perhaps a sort of edible paper, oblates?

I was also going to guess tiddly winks!

My children & I just spent an hour contemplating & discussing what this could be . . . sugar discs?

Although it sounds wrong, Toy Communion wafers?

Hi Corey...could they be Bingo chips???

How about Crokinole?

cuticle covers to protect nails when doing hand sewing? String would be wrapped around finger/nail to keep it on.

Wax discs for holding, sticking or securing candles in candle sticks?

French Tidly Winks?

Breath mints.

Could they be game counters?

watercolors, or paint for tinting photographs?

Or could be food coloring.

On a more personal note....nipple guards? So if you are cold in that big stone church nobody knows it but you.
Or an early version of Lee Press On nails nail polish colors that are quick to peel off?

I was going to say a roach clip but my guess is "pain à cacheter" or sealing wafer for envelopes.

Pastilles were a hard candy-like lozenge found in France. Could these by chance be pastilles?

Hi Corey,

These are wafers used with sealing wax throughout the C19th, when letters and documents were sealed with sealing wax. Wafers became popular for less formal letters during this period, and both wax and wafers eventually fell out of fashion with the advent of gummed seals on envelopes.


Oh, I think Amalee is right!!!

Flavored communion wafers, to make children like communion better.

Franca Bollo ALWAYS guesses roach clip.
Unless the answer is wine-related.

"Corey, which flavor of the Body of Christ would you like today, my dear?"

(Too much?) I'll stop.

And, I hadn't read your note on the actual guessing-game post before commenting here. I just notice what Franca usually guesses. My kind of cousin.

I do not no how to say in French....but I believe they are betting chips

Early LSD tablets.

I know Albert Hoffman is credited with the invention of synthesized LSD in 1938, but these were made from the natural substance.

Confetti for an Easter event or a celebrating a French holiday.

fabric backing spot to stabilize a sewn on button.

Corey, they look to me like bingo, or loto, chips!

Bingo chips?

It is Edgar Grey's sewing kit, which fit quite nicely in his pocket. If he bows to deeply and his pants split, the thread feeds through a slit in the side of the box and a needle is tucked inside the lid. Out comes the needle and thread and he has his pants repaired lickity split. Oh dear, did I say split, well I guess if they split again the thread and needle is still in the pocket.

I think they might be antacid tablets?

My first guess would be little disk markers that one would get when checking a hat or coat at a club or restaurant.

gambling chips or game counters

sabotages de pipe?

Sealing wax wafers

Reading carefully the are actually paper with adhesive, not wax

Here is a UK ebay listing...quite pricey. The photo link is broken. I did a screen print of the cached photo

tiny little things to hide the numbers when you play bingo? could they be?

some markers for a board game or chips, like poker chips for a card game.

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