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25 June 2014


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And this infused water is much better for us than the soda pop!
Yay for your mother . . .
They have now created individual containers for infusing . . . more plastic money makers!

I Love the things that our mothers teach and show us. So hard to be away from home. We love our lives but home is who we are. It's a beautiful post.

I would love to be known as someone that always puts a beautiful touch on things. What a nice tribute to your mom.

I love those beautiful touches to ordinary, every day things. I forget to do them for myself.

Here in England we make infusions with cucumber, lemon, mint and strawberry, too!! Except we infuse it with Pimms -- which is a little Gin and something or other. It might not quench thirst but it sure makes you relax on a hot summer day.

I bought one of these jars and love it. If I don't have the need for an flavored water in this type of container, I simply mix one in a large glass pitcher.
Not only is it good for you, it is so pretty to look at.

Corey I love your blog. I have been following it for several years and try to never miss a day. I am so happy that Annie is coming home. I know she must be as excited as you are. Thanks to your Mother for the infusion recipe.

Your mom is a classy lady.
This is just beautiful and such a good idea.

I love, love the original post. I adore the visuals. Thanks for the infusion recipe.

best infused water idea I've seen! beautiful!

Love this idea. I will do it when I move back to the states next year. Buying ice isn't an option for me, ice doesn't come in bags here in Ticino, Switzerland. I make my own ice one tray at a time and have a very small freezer to collect it in. You should see the tiny ice tray that came with my new Italian refrigerator. ( I brought a normal tray from the states) Really, the Swiss and Italians have told me ice in cold drinks is bad for you and quote, 'curdles your stomach' so you can't digest your food. I tell them millions of people in America drink with ice and are fine, but they don't believe me. So many different old wives tales in other countries. I get together with ex-pats from other countries and compare stories. The Swiss love clean mountain air and breezes but in homes quickly shut the windows as draughts are blamed for everything from colds to foot problems. Oh, and the Föhn, a warm wind that blows over the Alps causes headaches and other ailments. Sitting on a stone wall causes bladder infections. What does France say about such things?

Lovely & healthy!



NO trip this year back HOME?

sounds + looks yummy to me. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

How very stylish, and refreshing too ! Yummy.

I'm receiving your posts twice recently...more to enjoy!

I have since purchased a beehive shaped glass drink dispenser that sits on a baker's rack on my deck with your mother's recipe in it! It is much appreciated by guests and family alike.

I love this. Simple, beautiful, refreshing -- summer perfection.

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