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03 May 2014


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Runcible you! ;-)

Corey these are really great pictures, probably some of my favorites ever on your blog. They are like the paintings by famous LA artist Peter Alexander:

Hi Merisi, LOL
Runcible: Big woman, wart, cutting edge... I'll take the last.

Hi Diogenes,
Mighty compliment. x

These are all so great!

Runcible: nonsense term coined in 1871 by Edward Lear (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/runcible+spoon) -
Independent of this definition, lovingly used by a friend of mine, with a twinkle in the eyes ;-)

totally amazing effects!!!


now i am worried, about your decision to go more to color... and leave black dressing, behind.

you are so, so, so chic, standing with that skateboarding pink rabbit, in marisi's blog. mmmmmmmmm.... please don't leave all black, behind. save a wee bit. please? :-)


Lol, when I first read the title of this post, Selfies on the 57th floor of the DC Tower in Vienna . . . . I read Vienna, VA. - totally forgetting where you were. I thought you were here in DC . . . (Vienna,VA is a popular inside the beltway commuter town close to DC) - Oh, getting old . . . forgetful . . . but, so funny.

Cute selfies!
I would have weak legs standing
on the 57th floor. Is that Merisi?
I don't believe I have seen a picture
of her.

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