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16 May 2014


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What a tender memory, Corey. I love the symbolic ties to John in the salad bowl. Sharing such thoughts and moments in time are why I love reading your blog. What a special woman you are.

Thank you. xo

Beautiful analogy, Corey; so easy to see the deep relationship you had as you share the story of the bowl.

Thank you, Corey. You know how very much this means to me right now.

Very moving. Thank you...xxoo jody/fl

For 3 days now we have been
surrounded by blazing wild fires.
Watching coverage non stop on TV
as we wait for our evacuation orders.
On pins and needles, the same feelings
we experienced in 2007.
We were spared then, only the gardens
and fences burned.What would it be this time?
As we waited for instructions and evacuation
routes we watched homes burning only blocks
from our neighborhood.
Last night the winds changed and the amazing
fire crews from all over the state have
gained some control.
We did not, in the end, need to evacuate.
This morning we are watching people return
to destroyed homes, looking for that one shard
to hold on to, to cry over, to remember.

Hi Janet,
I am north of you in LA. Glad to hear you are safe. Crazy weather, we had 103 degrees here yesterday.

Corey, nice post. This is a chance to go hunting at the brocante for new, old, black and white demitasse cups.

What a beautiful story. It's not easy to have the kind of perspective while you're feeling such pain, but what a poignant way to accept the passage of life.

Lovely - memories are all we really have in the end...

So glad you didn't fall while carrying the demi-tasse cups. Funny how that sound, the crash of the crockery, can bring back such tender moments. I wonder if someday you will hear dishes break and remember that moment when the demi-tasse cups broke.

Beautiful - you have such a way with words, pictures and emotion Corey.

Glad you did not fall, sorry the cups broke but lead you to share such a powerful reflection. "We let go, we hold on, we become who we are over time" - I do not even recognize myself from last year this time -the change is good. i am much better prepared for tomorrow.Thanks for putting it into words.


Your words touch my heart.
After many years, sweet memories have come to me
of a love lost many years ago. So your shards of
memories help me remember.

This was such a moving post. I'm glad the broken bits in your life have been put together into such a beautiful mosaic in the South of France. I started collecting bits of Spode when my mother died. Each piece I find reminds me of our times together in post-war England. But really the pottery is only a symbol of the times we spent together.

The comments from Southern California are heart-wrenching. I hope this too early fire season does an about face and the cool rains start to fall.

I "let go" of my twin John four years ago this Monday...so your beautiful post pieced together lovely memories and poignant moments for me...much love to you, Corey, you grace us with your sharings.

Achingly beautiful and bittersweet post.

Thank you.

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