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29 April 2014


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Chocolate and Coconut (the second on the top of the first always)

I used to have a theory (works only with Ice Cream):
Giving the choice between strawberries or chocolate ice cream, people who prefers tea will choose the strawberries one, and people who prefers coffee will choose the chocolate one. Usually it works! (but I imagine this is almost obvious...) what about you? which one you will choose?

My mood today is green blue like a beautiful tropical beach (even if we have a grey sky around here and looks as if we are heading autumn instead of summer...)

You are quite poetic today! I think the three of you had a wonderful visit.

I always liked C.Howards violet mints. Did it taste like that?
I enjoy your lyrical poetry so much! Thank you.

oh please! don't just tease us, with that tiny glimpse of red and polka dots!!! we know it is a delightful top, or whatever they call a tunic, in france.

well, we do, if we follow marisi too! and i did see it there.

but please, please, please... i'd so love to see more, more, more of your clothes. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzz...


all cotton? the "pants" too? (what do they call "pants," these days???????) that is what i'm gravitating to. but i needddddd inspiration, from france. -gigggles-

oh and of course, your photos are works of art. i am not missing that. :-)



pretty please............

pretty please mit schlagsahne......


I am on a French Olive Lavande kick at the moment. Compagnie de Provence was my choice and my soaps and candles will transport me to France.

What a very beautiful post.
I can just picture violets and pistachio ice cream as the color of Spring time. Now you have given food for thought and I will notice what color flavors are.

red sweet c, a strong departure from the black-- a bold, vibrant and young unexpected move-powerful in is presentation- passion in its feel and love pulsing with each move I ADORE IT- HIDDEN EXPRESSIONS OF COLOR AND FLAVOR IN ALL OF US-mint chocolate chip or vanilla bean-nothing exotic - but that's me

You are the most delicious of persons. Have you ever heard of Synesthesia? It's where senses are transversed, tasting colors, seeing the colors of sounds, etc.

Memory. Flavors. Sensation. Life. You.

Your pomegranate comment brought a mental picture to mind: eating pomegranates along the canal banks in the San Joaquin Valley in the late 50s and early 60s. Fun memory -- thanks for the prompt.


Wait, what? I just saw Merisi's photo of you, but didn't stop to reflect that you were wearing a COLOR. And red at that. Not black. Not grey.

Will wonders never cease.

Also, it looks like your shoes are a sort of oxfords?

Incredible ice cream!!!


Chocolate. Plain, salted, peppered or with almonds or caramel. Dark, very dark, 70% dark. It calms me and just a credit card amount can raise me up to pure satisfaction. Love your post.

Every bit of this post!

My all time favourite food, ice cream, I can eat it everyday for every course,but,my waistline hates it!! Well I think that my waistline will just have to go.

Lucky girl !!!!! Love xx

Corey ,I have followed your blog for years;thank you for your beautiful artful photos,your flawless taste and your sharing giving spirit. I will continue to enjoy your blog as if i were a Parisian!

Mmm, violet sounds magically delicious! Oh, I would love to try it!

I definitely dream of Ashta ice cream, which is heaven on earth! It is a middle eastern flavour out of Lebanon, made with gum mastic, rose water, orange blossom water and pistachios. It is delicate and alluring, and like nothing else you have ever tasted. It literally makes me swoon!

Aix is in your area... Try famous glacier Philippe Faur. His "glace à la violette" is said to be very good, as well as his "glace au Petit Lu"(Friends told me so, I haven't tasted them!). Besides, his savoury sorbets are quite famous... as far as you like Roquefort, caviar or basil...
Thinking of you all !!!

PS : My favourite flavour is "réglisse".

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