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25 April 2014


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Tell Merisi hello from me!

Dear Corey, we think of you whenever we get to Kings Road Café, xoxo.

Thanks Corey, I must go there when I go home.
Have a wonderful time with your dear friend.


Vienna for Beginners..
Lucky you.
Sunrise with Merisi. I dare you.

Wow! I was so surprised to see a blog post from you here in Vienna that I have been moved to stop 'lurking' and actually post a comment! I am Australian, living in Vienna and also follow Merisi's blog (although again I have not commented!). I hope you love Vienna and get to go to the Naschmarkt Flohmarkt while you are here.

Well, Merisi is right about one thing -- you shouldn't write on your blog that Vienna is like a large-scale Prague!

It's not.

I say this as

a) an urban designer who studied Prague as part of her Master's Thesis


b) someone born in Prague.

Prague is likely unique (can't think of a another example myself) in Europe in that she provides such a showcase of architectural periods, from the Romanesque to the present day and Frank Gehry, with everything in between (including oddballs such as cubist architecture!). There is a huge amount of Baroque architecture (with significant medieval and Renaissance contrasts), which Vienna no longer has. Much of the key architecture in Vienna is of the neo- variety from the latter 1800s. Not quite in the same league architecturally.

But hey, I agree that Vienna is in her own league with coffee shops!

(Although Prague isn't too bad either, my favourites being the Louvre, where Kafka and Einstein used to hang out, and the Slavia, where a host of famous Czechs including Havel used to ensconce themselves).


ahhhh... to visit marisi... that is where you were off to. :-)

i've visited paris, but never gotten to vienna. except through marisi's fantastic blog/photos.



Yor mentioning of the our good Austrian wines reminded me ... to go into the cellar and get my favourite bottle up, put it on the counter and ready waiting ... uncorked !

I hope you were "doomed" with a brocante! Have fun Corey and Yann .jody/fl

🎶 Vienna is a few of my favorite things...🎵

I am remembering the thick cups my grandma served us "cafe'Au Lait" in...have never recaptured that exact fragrance ever.

How lovely that you and Merisi are spending time together in beautiful Vienna! But Corey, you know that Marie-Antoinette never once said "let them eat cake!" That was a falsehood, perpetuated by her enemies and endlessly repeated as though it were true. Marie-Antoinette had enough problems, without adding to the list! :)

Hi Tara, Yes I know Marie Antoinette didn't say that. I used it as a matter of speech, playing with old myth, wording, symbols...etc etc. regarding the cake and how it looked like her hair piece. Sorry.

Hello Corey, what a wonderful and yummy city!I treasure my little box of violettes Demel! Cafe central is stunning, too!!
Have a good time with Merisi!!

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