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14 December 2013


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oooh, I love wreaths too ~ that oyster one is great where I am, once my mom found one so big, she planted a tiny plant in it, it was beautiful ~ I have so much fun visiting here Corey ~ I pretend I am living in France too! ha ha ha XO


opps, I looked again, my eyes fooled me, it only looked like oyster shells, my glasses must certainly just be dirty! raining in Florida today ~ no snow, blizzards in the US right now ~ I just have snow white sand ~ XO


I adore the peppermints and presents, but I think the wine corks would be the most appropriate for my door. ;-)


Definitely clever wreaths to inspire the imagination.


Very cool. All of them. Wine corks...so simple and kind of elegant!

24/7 in France

Lovely and unique wreaths that all evoke holiday cheer!



Pinterest always have lots of nice wreaths as well and I love all yours I love wreaths.

Love Jeanne


I really like the own with paper snowflakes. Thank you, Corey ❄️❄️❄️


I really like the one with paper snowflakes. Thank you, Corey :)


My favorite Wreath is the classic evergreen with pine cones and red berries and a ribbon. The ones on my doors right now are also covered with snow as we are in the midst of our first big New England snow storm. I am curious, Corey. Do people put up wreaths in France at Christmas time?

double d

Snowed in!
Looking at a blog fancitaste. Getting me in the holiday spirit!


Hi. Corey,
I really enjoy following your blog. Your words and photographs always inspire me.

One of the things that I do as a self-employed artist is to make wreaths out of vintage Christmas ornaments. If you are interested you can go to my website to see more: glittermoonvintagexmas.com or check out my Facebook Page: Glittermoon Cards. Incidentally, I am traveling to Paris in April so have been eagerly watching the transformation of your apartment there. I will be contacting you this winter for ideas about what we need to see. I will be traveling with my best friend and we are both salivating at the thought of brocante hunting ! We were in the antiques biz for a number of years here.
Best to you and have a wonderful visit home, Cackie

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