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09 November 2013


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oh I love this photo with the chickens...saw it years ago and fabulous ~ thanks Corey, to see it again ~ and I follow Carla now for years ~ have a wonderful weekend over there ~ our weather is sublime here off 30A Panhandle of Fl. xo

i just reread, "Holy Fun" ~ Love that ~ made me giggle and why not ~ everyday is
color ~ down to earth glamour is never out of style ~ XO ~

Note to the lovely Contessa:
Do tell..
Where did you buy that stunning red cloak?

She seems like a lot of fun! Love the pictures!

IN VALLEJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful and so lovely to see someone follow their heart.

Amazing...both the photography and the subject(s).

Love - love - love!!!!

I would love to hire Carla - thanks for reminding me of her photography. Now, to get to Paris again . . .

You guys continue to amaze me. And, I'm not easily amazed.

I feel lucky to "know" the Contessa--we just haven't met in person...yet! Thank you for featuring these two incredibly inspiring women. I will never be tired of looking at these amazing, amazing photos...
Bon Dimanche!

Oh Corey! I am so happy that Elizabeth was paying attention to me so many years back when I told her how FAB you and your blog are! I am so hopeful that we will finally get to meet one year when Seattle husband and I return to France. This past year we weren't in Provence, but rather in Bordeaux and The Languedoc in July. This coming May, we will be in Paris.

Love, love, love it. It reminds me of Le Hameau de la Reine at Versailles when Marie-Antoinette wanted to play the milk maid.

The apartment is Wonderful.

Corey, you made me find two new friends yesterday when I checked out
firstly: your appartment - it's beyond fab & so you (and a tad too grey for me but hey, so über-cool & lovely!)
secondly: the two women - they are both unbelievable and so, so, so soul-sisterly if I may say so - now my unbeknown friends' circle has grown by two more! I already have a few very, very good and much loved Flickr friends I'll probably never meet - I was happy to add carla & Contessa; I'm sure we all will go along splendidly :)
THANK YOU for this introduction - made yesterday an even happier day (that was before I read about the Philipines - I haven't got TV so have to rely on radio and internet)

What a wonderful story! And what wonderful photos! I really enjoyed this post.

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