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23 September 2013


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Sooooooo sweet! I love that line, "an instrument that sings the breath of the soul."

Isn't it amazing how the flute has turned out to be the perfect gift for Yann? I sense his delight with it in each picture.

May the Lord continue to bless the two of you, as you spread friendship and joy in the world. Thank you so much for a window each day into the richness of your lives!

lovely...simply lovely!

When I was in high school my parents bought me a recorder (wooden flute) as a holiday gift. I'd already had flute lessons in elementary school (on the modern transverse flute), so the transition wasn't so difficult for me, and besides the recorder came with a fingering chart. I was so delighted that I started practicing like a demon -- for so many hours that I wound up giving myself a monster headache!!! (Aspirin really IS a miracle drug.)

Once I had recovered the next day, I realized that I would need to pace myself on practice time. But it was so great when winter vacation ended and I was by then able to join one of the high school's recorder ensembles.

I do love the sound of the flute...so mesmerizing!


It would be great to hear him play. Have you made a video of that? Best to you all from Isabel <3

As always, a beautifully written reflection of your life's journey. A journey of gratitude for the simple things in life, this time a beautiful thoughtful, gift. I'm addicted to reading your posts, as they help guide my own life and inspire me. Thank-you for sharing you life Corey.

How delighted the giver must be that his gift has been so well received. Seems like a little magic in these photos.

Quite a special fella you have there, in your pied Piper, and quite a lovely instrument! And guess what? I will so have my own pied Piper--as that will be the first name of my daughter due next month! Piper. ;)

I loved this . . . finding the "breath of soul" must sound more than wonderful . . .

We loved being upstairs and hearing Yann play his flute so beautifully & more we were so glad he loved his gift. Dave & Teresa

Oh, just beautiful to imagine.
How I would love hearing those sounds.
They must just sing to his soul.

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