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20 September 2013


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I so agree that heaven will be like this!

That sounds so wonderful! I'm sure Teresa and Dave are having the time of their lives. You and Yann are generous, inviting and giving! Your goodness is shines through everyone you meet.

What a beautiful day you all had! xxoo

What a fairy-tale experience! I am living vicariously!


SO fun, Corey! I will come visit you one day!! :)


Corey, love the picture of Thierry and Yann.

We thought of you today. Went shopping at West Elm, across the street from Kings Road Cafe, so we stopped in for a latte and wondered how you are doing.

How beautiful....travels of the heart!!

I don't know why but this post made me cry.... I believe it is the pure love ... dare I say innocence of this day shown and shared ...yes HEAVEN on earth-the picture of Thierry made my spirit soar-happiness to all good luck at the brocante happy buying!

That is so cool! I want to come!!!

Yann looks made to play that flute! Nothing can beat a hand made gift! The energy is passed from the maker to the receiver.

What a a wonderful experience for all of you! Thank you for giving us a peek into your week together. :)

What songs did you all sing? English or French ones, or some of each? Popular, traditional? Inquiring minds want to know!

Wonderful - what a pleasure to share in the fun from afar - thank you!

Hi Corey, just want to say again how much I love your blog. And if I remember right you once referred to FH as the pied piper and so am thinking that the flute was a perfect gift for him!!

really, very lovely , and truly spoken. thank you for sharing the beauty of love for one another. xo jody / florida

How lucky to win a week with you. I know they will have memories to last forever. Miss you and miss France.

I like how your husband's awesome hair even looks lavender. :)

This sounds like a lot of fun!
It is always a great pleasure to meet blogging friends in "real life". I wish you a wonderful time together.

A great welcoming gateway to Europe via your lovely home for your guests - looks like everyone enjoyed the week!

You gave an absolute perfect description of heaven :)

Happy bunch !!!


These are the things that make life so special. What a very special day. How I would have loved this day with you.

The black & white picture of Thierry and Yann needs to be framed in a antique frame from the brocante no less. Sounds like a perfect week!!!!!

Is that maybe a handmade Native American flute? Becky also from Oklahoma

What an awesome giveaway gift, and what fun to meet people from all over doing this. And what new friendships will be forged! Great post

Look what YOU have done!Special day and that flute is something!

What pure and utter beauty, and gulps of happiness!

Corey, you are a convener of magic!!

And speaking of getting to know all your readers, my best friend from grade 7, who I have stayed in touch with all these years, has Tongue in Cheek on her very short blog roll list. Funny, that we both come here, unbeknownst to each other!


I love your comment that this must be how heaven is. I hope so. And, I hope we do get to meet one day, maybe, you will do an east coast tour!? Oui?
It's just amazing that you have brought such a wonderful group together. Your blog is an incredible gift you give each day.

Oh how I want to be there!

You are a conduit to friendship and bliss!! ♥

Absolutely beautiful, Corey.

What a wonderful blog - thank you. Good friends are just wonderful. Lyn

Teresa is a friend of mine that I met at an art event in Manhattan Beach last spring. How lucky for you all to meet each other. I've been reading your blog for some time now and what a lively surprise to discover that we have a friend in common!

Thanks for sharing your stories from Provence. It's my dream destination!

Christine Barker

Yes, Becky it is a Native American Flute that Dave made.

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