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17 July 2013


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What a dream you have living in France speaking French and flirting with the local french men Ahhhhhhhh

A word of advice: My husband and I were helping our neighbor remodel and paint his house. His wife was a member of "I don't want to break a (finger)nail" crowd. We were running out of paint and roofing nails. She volunteered to go get them. She had a list and the address to the shop that is 1/2 mile away. Four hours later she arrived with the needed supplies. Angry workmen? OMG! The guys were so angry they were seeing red.
The moral of the story - when the workmen need supplies, pick the most direct route! :)

It is amazing to me that so many diverse small shops (for plumbing and such) are within such a short distance from you apartment--wonderful!

Absolutely love the ironwork in the last photo. Thank you so much for all the details you are sharing.

I vote for an armoire for clothes. It will be used for what it was intended for. With flat screen TVs, no one uses them to hide a deep TV screen anymore, and they almost give them away here. And many of them are beautiful.

The restaurants in your "hood" sound amazing.

How do you say 'flexible metal corner tape' en français? I'm sure my attempt would simply be in franglais. Loving these posts!

I love the Parisian neighborhoods, each with its butchers, bakeries, and plumbing supply people (?) It is one of the many things that makes Paris so charming. I am so envious of your adventure. Can't wait to see how it all comes out.

Sounds charming in the midst of the chisels and pounding. The male body views make for an interesting day. Everything is right there, two doors this way or that way. How exciting it is to watch . . .

You are learning so much about remodeling an old building. And all with a view!

Another reason to love Paris . . . Half naked construction dudes. YES, now I definitely want to rehab an apartment there. Hehe

Why are the builders not wearing t shirts? Is one flimsy cotton t shirt or tank top that much hotter to wear...
I think they are topless because they think it's more manly to build construction w/o a shirt on!

I am watching these renovating posts with great interest. I think tradesmen working on Parisien apartments must be the most skilled, flexible and innovative of their kind. I don't think it would be easy at all working within the confines of the space, and, regulations re old buildings. I think you and Yan are lucky to have a such a team of workers.

Wow I'm really getting jazzed about your apt reading the daily reports! Do u still plan to rent it out to travelers such as your bloggers? I'm ready to make a reservation!

I love how you seem to be settling in, claiming this is the neighborhood where you live, not just a rental property. You seem to love getting reacquainted with Paris, and it seems you are experiencing more joy this time around (at least from what I gleaned from previous post you have written about living in Paris).

Can't wait to see the finished apartment.

Your neighborhood is amazing, Corey. Staying there will be like living in a village within a city.

You make hard work sound such fun Corey, I could do with you around here at the moment !! Btw, thank you so much for the rental info - our plans have changed due various reasons ( in particular the influence this hot weather is having on the vineyards ), but one day I'll make it to meet you !! Love those muscly men ;) xx

Adore seeing how the apt is coming along. Can't wait to see the finish product. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

No gloves while chiselling! And his fingers look intact too. Surprising/ impressive.

What does French Husband (I know, Yann; I just like the nickname) do during the day: his usual daily work to bring in money to pay for this construction? I recall seeing him pictured in construction on day, early on.

Just love all the individual shops within a stone's throw. Or a walk, for the most part. I'd love that arrangement.

YOU are doing a great job at picture taking!KEEP GOING!The neighborhood is adorable........everything one could possible want within walking distance!KEEP THE PHOTOS A COMING!!!!!!!!

What a wonderful adventure...Can't wait till the next group of photos, and the rest of the "story" It is so romantic!!!!

Will the armoire have hangers? Those of us who travel very light (just carry-on luggage) will have badly wrinkled clothes that will need the benefits of gravity to smooth them out.

BTW, does the building have an elevator, to accommodate those unable to climb multiple flights of stairs easily? I've seen no mention of one thus far, although I can imagine that all that dusty, dirty stuff you've been hauling in/out wouldn't be appreciated in a people-elevator.

Also, last night I saw the weather forecast for Paris -- hot Hot HOT. Not that it hasn't insufferably hot/muggy here in the Eastern US all week (gasp!).

Have you thought about turning your Men at Work photos into a calendar? I would buy them for gifts (and one for me of course). I think my friends would get a kick out of them. You could donate the proceeds to some neighborhood charity, or maybe there is a home somewhere for construction workers en retrait.

This sounds very intriguing! A perfect first time visit to France, the Apartment would be pivotal to so many aspects, you could arrange visits to everywhere around it, a capsule of France!

opps, looks like gold wedding bands on the shirtless guys, well as they say, we never go blind! ha ha ha

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