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25 July 2013


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Always a cheer to read and visit you. Apartment updates have become part of my daily look and see. What fun to meet bloggers and blogettes! You are a delight . . .

Meeting bloggers is so fun. One day I hope to meet you.
Yes, I would want to be in both places too. How wonderful the Chelsea and Mr. Espresso have a new apartment. And always love your apartment updates.
Before I travel to Paris again I must make a list of places to visit and to eat. This restaurant would be on the list.

I so enjoy your blog and vicariously getting to know Paris through your photos!

I agree about the blogging friendships, Corey. Like attracts like, I guess, even in the blogosphere. A hopeless Francophile and lover of religious antiques, I follow your blog daily and share your blog posts w my husband--I even refer to you as "my friend Corey in France!" Crazy but true. If you and Jann fancy a vacation in the Midwestern U.S. at Lake of the Ozarks, just say the word and you are welcome to stay with us at the lake. I don't know if we will travel to Europe again, but if we did I would definitely try to meet you in person! Thank you for sharing your life with us.

What a perfect restaurant! And I am really enjoying your apartment updates.


Jeez, Corey, your photos of food are as remarkable as your landscapes!Is that a shorter haircut on Chelsea?

Another one for the list, thanks Corey

Hi Chico Sue,

No, Chelsea had her hair tied up. Her hair is as long as mine.

Life is good! I hope Chelsea and Mr. E are happy and fill their new apartment with a live time of memories. (I suddenly desire souffle. Well, at least I have some French wine and cheese. :D)

Will try this bistro next trip to Paris - thanks for sharing and bonne chance for the renovation and to your daughter. La vie est belle!

Would love to come to Paris and meet you, and of course you are always welcome in South Louisiana :o)...Ta Ta

I need to start writing your suggestions down!!!!!!!!!!!How to get to FLEAS and THAT DINNER SPOT!!!!!!!!ALL ON MY TO DO!
HAPPY for your daughter!HAPPY for you meeting so many BLOGGERS that ADORE YOU!
You are living the GOOD life COREY!!!!!!You do know that .........
NOw will I find a comment from you today on ROYAL STUFF???Click on the TITLE to leave comment!!!!!Then scroll down!Its hard I know!

Love the updates! So happy your kiddos are thriving! How is Annie?

This looks both gorgeous and delicious! I would indeed add this to my next travel list!

Dear Corey,
Hello from Red Bluff,CA,just a few miles north of your hometown Willows...
Am enjoying every moment of your renovation...and your blog on life,love and travel...it is a joy to read...so glad to recently have discovered it...
thanks, Bette Lee

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