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30 May 2013


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I would prefer a farmhouse. Low windows, lots of them

Big fireplace and big kitchen. Love the pictures

Oooh farmhouse hands down!

farmhouse-only for practicality's sake!

Why are they inexpensive? Is it because there relatively few jobs or high property taxes or both?

Definitely a farm house. I could garden, I could raise sheep and chickens. I could spin their wool and sell their eggs. I could bake. Dream, dream, dream.

Farm house, please1

A farmhouse definitely. Preferably one near your town so we could go hit the brocantes and pick up décor and furniture to furnish the place.

990,000 euro is inexpensive? Oh, my. Maybe relatively inexpensive for a castle perhaps but not a sum I could even dream of.

I will enjoy your photos instead!

Definitely a farm house! Maybe my dad would consider coming if I lived in a farm house. I don't think he will come if I lived in Paris or a castle! Dolores helped pull my Audrey's tooth out at Gathering the other day. We tied it to a string and she shut the door and it came right out! Audrey picks a farm house as well.

Oh, to be younger and take one of each.

Farmhouse, definitely!

A lovely farmhouse with an outbuilding that could be converted to a weaving studio, filled with looms, yarn, and sunlight!

Castle...yes, please.

Oh, the farmhouse! A castle seems haunted and cold to me. I guess too many B movies as a kid. :) The farmhouse has such possibilities!

Oh yes pleeeeease Corey and Yann buy a castle!! With all your family and blogging friends your spare rooms are sure to be rented out all year round!!!

Corey, you know me well enough to know that I would want a castle with central air.

Warm, cozy, homey farmhouse please!!

Looks like we are thinking alike, I immediately thought farmhouse. At that price it could be tempting. Dreaming!

At my age, castle. When i was younger oh, who am i kidding, castle. Gorgeous images, Corey.

No doubt about it . . . a farmhouse . . . a dream come true . . .

No doubt about it . . . a farmhouse . . . a dream come true!

What a fantastic trip you are having.
You know here in sydney 900,000 euros is equal to about 1.2million aussie dollars which would buy you a nice but fairly average 3 bedroom home in a nice sydney suburb. I think I want a castle!!!!!

Why so many empty castles? Wouldnt they have history,royal history? Why doesn't the government acknowledge them? So sad to see them left all alone. They served a purpose and stood tall and proud.

What a lovely journey you are taking....
I would take the farm house...so many possibilities,
and I would need to live close to one of your
wonderful bakeries!!!

CHATEAU definitely, and I, too, entertained the idea years ago of turning one into a B&B. I now live in a medieval village 300 year old house in the south of France - my "castle."

A farmhouse, you tempress!


Corey, life is too short not to take the scenic route. I would pick the farmhouse.

I like farmhouses, but I love castles even better! I would plant flowers, get chickens, dogs and cats and fill the castle with antiques. Corey, we're going to have garden tea parties with pink champagne, chocolate and pastries in summers and feasts with fireplaces going in winter.
Everyone is invited. All you need is a plane ticket to France.
I LOVE your road trip! I think I'm not as disciplined as you and would stop at every antique shop :)

Made me smile - I have spent many a night in a B&B Castle when I lived in UK and we were on our way to or from Switzerland.... always utterly beautiful, charming and freezing cold (any time of the year). Rickety toilets, temperamental showers (if they worked at all...), delicious looooong-during breakfasts, aaah, the joy of 'living in a castle'.
I had an English friend who finally went to live for good in France with her whole English family and a husband working Mo-Fri in London and flying over for each and every weekend - she once, after one of her 'search-trips' came back to Alliance Française and reported: I saw a farmhouse with land I could have paid with my pocket-money - I was tempted to just write a cheque....!!! (and it was - still in Francs, mind you!)
It's OUR privilege too to often choose not the motorways but the National Roads to get from A to B; including the croissants, Pastis, sightseeings, postcards etc. bonne continuation :)

Most definitely a farmhouse! In fact, we are currently purchasing one that is three provinces away from us, in Prince Edward Island...ocean air, red sand and Anne of Green Gables land...oh, but to have a farmhouse in Provence...fun and formidable!!!

FARMHOUSE!! Oh how I would love to own a beautiful old farmhouse in France!

Corey - you are so lucky to have a compatible travel companion! Dreamers alike!

That's how I like to road trip - stopping here and there for everything. Too fun. Farmhouse for me!

I suspect it's not the price of the castle, but the cost of the subsequent repairs and upkeep, that would be exorbitant.

I could do either!
Love them both equally..........
I have adorned my abode with castle like items but have the bones of an old American RANCH HOUSE!The animals roam freely...sofas,beds,chairs..........
I would swoon.......over anything FRENCH!

I am definately the "farm house" type................

I recognized our marvelous town of La Charite-sur-Loire. We are now living the dream - in France and loving it. Have started a blog and loving the world it usher us to. Love the content you share!

What is the total price for the farm house, including renovation to install heating, water, the modern conveniences, taxes, fees, real estate transaction cost for an American buyer

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