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28 May 2013


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Enjoy your trip, Corey and FH !!! Shall come back later to follow you, of course ...

Still thinking of your friend Thierry !!! May his path be serene !!!

Enjoy your trip, Corey and Yann !!! Shall pop back to follow you !!!
Still thinking of your friend Thierry.... Hope his path will be serene !

Corey your beautiful gesture to take Thierry into your home is a very generous, open hearted act. I hope he soon feels the magic that must fill your home. My friend's daughter is suffering at the moment which all came to a head when we lost her father and dear friend last year. Her mother is going on a short trip back to her home in SF and I have promised her I will watch over her girl. My prayer is that she will be her old self when her Mum returns, but I know what a long rocky road it is.
Safe travels, Corey

Oh I am looking forward to this! So glad you have the chance to do it before Thierry moves in with you...it is important to make room for yourselves as you help Thierry back to health. Bless you all!

Love that first archway especially - can't help feeling the photographer is surrounded by dusty bottles of wine. Wishful thinking?

(Nice to visit you again!)

Happy ten day journey . . . such a kind, giving, loving soul you are . . . you live in truth the word of friend . . .

You are the best kind of friends--friends in deed and not just words. Bless you.

Praying for His traveling mercies as you enjoy this time together. And looking forward to whatever you share here along the way.

Travel safe......your kindness and caring for Thierry is a lesson for all of us.

What wonderful friends you are.

Can't wait to follow along on your trip through France. Continued prayers as you begin begin this journey and for all that lies ahead.

I'd love to be with you on this trip, I love to just drive in France and see where the road would take me...

I have always believed that if we are open, God puts people into our lives for a reason. Just as you have opened your hearts and home to Thierry, we have also opened our hearts to a young woman (19 years old) with two children, no high school diploma and many strikes against her. Today she starts a job. We are hopeful for her and her two boys.

Corey, I never know what you're going
to be upto next!! So pleased that
Thierry will have the company and
ongoing support of good friends.

I love road trips; thanks so much for
taking us with you...looking forward
to some adventures. Drive carefully.

Enjoy your road trip. Your visit is a gift to Uncle. And best wishes to you three as Thierry joins your loving household. You all will learn and benefit from each other on the journey ahead.

Happy trails to you....enjoy!

Enjoy your road trip Cory - there is nothing like the open road as it lays ahead of you.
I am so happy to hear Thierry is on the mend and that he will live with you - the beauty of great friendships is in the giving and the sharing and it says much about you that he will step forward with you and Yann.
Two years ago we did a five week road trip circle tour of France, beginning and ending in Brussels. What an adventure! Marc did all the driving and I did most of the navigating with my trusty map at my side.... only once did we come to an intersection where all the options had "Do Not Enter" signs, however there were a few times we made several circles around a round-about before deciding which route was ours.
We had declined GPS and had so much fun figuring it out.... twice though, when all else failed, Marc made his decision by the position of the sun - it was funny how the simplicity of that amazed me!
Good Journey!

Bon voyage!

corey-i enter the passage way with you yann and Thierry-as this has become part of me and all who are a "part" of your tongue in cheek life-you have described the feeling SO ADAQUATELY PERFECT that has been mine since the fall/broken neck of my dad-I am tired but happy-have a WONDERFULLY GRAND FUN TIME-and with each day all remain in prayers and thoughts. love is a verb-- an action word-what you are doing is love and that is what all of us are called to do-your family has answered YES to the call-gosh I just think you are wonderful truly with all my heart I do-I admire you SO SO MUCH-HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!

If your road wends towards Echevronne....

For the merest split-second before I focused, I thought that first photo might be of the entrance to Petra in Jordan. Obviously not, due to the stonework (rather than carving), but still must be an awesome sight in person.

Heard on public radio this weekend re a woman who's just begun running the entire 2000 mile (or so) Tour de France course. At least your road-trip isn't on foot -- you're going by car (I infer):

Am so glad to hear that Thierry's recovery is continuing apace, so he'll be able to come live with you a while, as a further step toward regaining his full health and independence.

Have a good trip and let your cares float away.
How special to be caring for your dear friend.
Good luck with the GPS. When we traveled in France with the GPS it took us through farm yards and gravel roads, we did see much of the countryside. I don't believe there were highways on that GPS program.

Oh Corey, your early summer trip sounds wonderful. I will be with you in spirit. Your posts will be forever etched in my mind, as I plan a trip traveling from Paris to Provence via a road trip one day soon. My dreams eventually come true, it's the sugar coating to life.

Your love and devotion to your friend, Thierry is so inspiring. He is very fortunate to have precious friends like you two.

Safe journey and I will be watching for your posts!!

Enjoy your trip. I appreciate your blog and photos. Best to all of you including Thierry. I hope your friend will be able to find peace and deal with his illness.

Enjoy your trip, waiting for your photos and infos.

Best wishes as you and Yann begin your journey through France and then when you return home. Thierry is truely blessed to have the both of you as friends. Prayers for continued healing and peace sent to all.

Best wishes as you and Yann begin your journey through France and then when you return home. Thierry is truely blessed to have the both of you as friends. Prayers for continued healing and peace sent to all.

Bon voyage sur la Nationale 7 ! I am sure you will come up with beautiful stories and encounters to enchant us.
All the best to Thierry when he comes in to live with your family, I trust your care and your lovely home will make a perfect protective nest for him to get back his strength .
Safe trip to you and FH !

How lucky your friend is to have you both as friends!

I love a road trip. Hope you and Yann have a great one and God's blessings to everyone as you enter your new passageways. You and Yann have so much love to share. An inspiration to us all.

Have a fabulous road trip! It sounds like a lot of fun and I look forward to your future posts on this great time.
I think what you are doing for your friend is wonderful. My husband of 29 years is also Bipolar and that has been a journey all it's own. The fact that he has the two of you in his life has probably made his that much easier to live.
Bless you Corey and Yann.

Corey, I will love reading about this journey as I have about each and every one before this. I know you will enjoy and have a wonderful time. I will continue to have Thierry in my thoughts and prayers as I look forward to each evening and reading your blog. Be safe.

Dear Corey,

Looking forward to enjoying the photos of your trip. Hope you sneak in some brocante!

God. You guys are AMAZING. Your caring of your friend has changed the way that I view friendship, and made me see the kaleidoscope of wondrous colors in the universe.

Road Trip! May it be everything you imagine and more. Your love for your friend is a beautiful thing to see and brings me happiness each time I read your mentions of him. Thank you and French husband for being such loving people that you inspire and encourage all of us to be more loving ourselves.

So pleased to hear your friend Thierry is coming to live with you, I feel so much safer for him.
Strange how a complete stranger can capture your thoughts, I think of him often.
And I take my hat off to his 2 marvellous and caring friends.
Safe and happy trails.

Godspeed and safe travels. There's nothing I like more than a wide open road trip. You and Yann are truly wonderful friends for Thierry. May you all be blessings for one another.

Bonne route! Enjoy your travels and all the best for your friend's journey to health.

Thank goodness for kind souls like you and Yann.
Those of us who are a bit bonkers are so lucky to have wonderful friends and family such as yourselves to hold us up when the road is long. You are irreplaceable - hearts as big as Texas.
Best wishes to Thierry as he navigates those tricky waters.
And I hope you and Yann have a wonderful time meandering across France.

So happy for you two to have this time together! I love an unplanned road trip. Lots of laughter. Thierry is a lucky man. I know his recovery will benefit from the love and devotion of two friends like you. What a gift! Soooo generous!
Have a safe trip, can't wait to follow you.

The path of recovery from bipolar illness is very steep; my thoughts and prayers always also carry Thierry.... you're brave and wonderful people

I wish you - with all my heart - a mostly joyful trip across France. I still think it's a country, blessed by God and if its people were sometimes a bit less troublesome, I would even be a tad jealous that God is giving so much of his love to ONE country... :)
I'm talking about living in the Greater Paris Region, not about living in the South!
Trust also your GPS, not FH's map reading - I can't even always follow the GPS..., I'm especially dumb in that department - but I always find my way, somehow. May your days be filled with goodness and thank you for looking after your friend.
Gros bisous, Kiki

I am floating on the sea of love, people who post on your blog. It is truly what life is all about, when a stone cast in the water's of generosity by you and Yann produces a tsunami of ripples around the world. So much more than beautiful photos, poetic words, it's about survival and helping each other and love. We all have our struggles, but are not all so adept at handling them. Love is a GPS to guide and keep us from getting lost. Thanks for your reaffirming example. Many blessings.

I think we all like a quite road trip sometimes in our lives and what better place than in France , I will be waiting for pictures

God Bless you and Yann and may God wrap his arms around Thierry! I have fought this every day for years ~ you can do it ~ wonderful friends have made the difference time and time again!

beautifully said.

Thank you both for being such sweet, kind caring friends. I will continue to pray for Thierry. He is lucky to have such friends as you two.

Have a safe trip...

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