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02 May 2013


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The ultimate Spring "tincture" for me is the days getting longer. Also daffodils and narcissus in our yard in bloom, and the fruit trees and berry bushes flowering as a prelude to fruiting in the summer. And temperatures being warm enough for us to open the sliding glass doors during the day to let fresh air in.

Parabéns to Chelsea on her progress toward her Master's. May the internship be everything she's hoping for.

Chartreuse lace on trees (new buds showing up), magnolia blooms, outdoor cafes, not needing a heavy coat to go outside.
Love Lilly of the Valley.

Cherry blossoms.

My name means happiness: Letitia
Jus' sayin'.

Lovely flowers and sentiment. I especially liked the muguet and the lace. Sunshine alone welcomes me to the spring, though I'd love some wisteria too.

My favorite flower. Beautiful sentiment. They haven't bloomed here yet as it is early Spring. My husband would bring me little bouquets and their sweet smell would fill my rooms and bedside table. Now he works away in NY... makes me miss him.

At this point, my tincture would be sunshine. May 2 - it's snowing and blowing; it has been a long winter. So bring to me sunshine in a small-necked vase or on a big broad platter; any quantity welcome!

There's a song from my Girl Scout camp days...

White coral bells, upon a slender stalk
Lillies-of-the-valley deck my garden walk.
Oh don't you wish, that you could hear them ring,
That will happen only when the fairies sing.

(Speaking of fairies...when my granddaughter went to DisneyWorld in her Cinderella dress - she wore the white gloves that the French fairies sent to her. I hope to have a picture I can send you soon.)

Our Spring has passed but the Irises were gorgeous this year as were the Petunias. Now the weather is in the 90's(AZ daytime) so switching to summer flowers. Our Patio looks splendid with my container gardening. We will have flowers until Oct. Lovely site.

Happiness to you
the whole year through ...

The smell and look of the fresh cut green lawn-mowed by the neighbor boy. A two fer---I don't have to mow the lawn, he makes some money and the lawn looks great.

The best spring scents for me are lily of the valley, lilacs and a rain shower. What a great tradition to bring someone a muguet on a special day. My last home had an entire hillside planted with them and when I opened my kitchen windows the scent blowing in on the breeze was intoxicating. I really miss that...

I remember when I was a very little girl,
Grandma would notice the Spring blooms
popping up and the tips of tree limbs
turning that soft pale green
and tell me that Mother Nature was
showing off her new Spring petticoat.

Each year I have wanted some of this sweet fragrance in my garden. This year I finally planted it there and it does bring happiness to see it in my garden. A touch of sunshine and pink blossoms overhead oh sigh! Spring has arrived and I smile.

One of my favorite flowers! My neighbor has a host of them under her apple tree. The whole neighborhood smells of them! She lets me pick as many as I want and I've dug up some and started a colony under my own apple trees. About the time my huge lilac tree is in full bloom, her lily of the valley plants are also. Still a little time to go yet, but when it arrives I'm in heaven! I think this is my tincture of spring for sure...along with the smell of the first cut grass of the season.

Forgot to ask you Corey...did I send you a bar of my lily of the valley soap yet??

Oh no, but please do!!

Immediately I thought of the honeysuckle I used to find unexpectedly as a child in kentucky. I loved both the scent and to sip the nectar! What a lovely memory you triggered! Happy May Corey! xxxoo jody

The perfume that those little bells puts out always takes me back to my Gram's. Picking lily of the valley for May baskets to be delivered to her friends. Yesterday, my May baskets all were delivered with sprigs of Muguet, hoping it would bring fond memories to others.

Love lily of the valley... Alas none in Southern California...one of my favorites.

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