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07 March 2013


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Shelley Noble

For everything my eye falls upon and my mind lands on, including your blog.


I am sure he is thankful/grateful for you and your visits, Corey. Surely you are a bright spot in his days. In addition to the actual food and drink, the fresh air and change of environment will be "food for thought" in the hours and days ahead--positive memories to store up.

(strawberry tart--yum!)


EVERYTHING, from small to big, especially for my family. I am grateful for their existence! A friend suggested before closing my eyes at night to say 3 things I am grateful for so that I would sleep on a happy note. I used to struggle to find 3 now I can't even stop at a dozen - it's just a matter of retraining the mind. I am happy that this morning I swam in the ocean before I had to go to work! I am grateful I can purchase a coffee to take on the drive to work... my list is endless! I am grateful Corey taught me to stop the car on a great song and dance in the street or the side of the road at least! Thank you for sharing your life with us all. You are an inspiration! x


I so thankful for this sunny day. To wash my face in the warm glo, and for the music that is playing in my head. A day to live full in. My cousin had the same condition your friend has. She was the most extrodinary, passionate lady. She felt so deeply every nuance of life. She was the wisest soul.I am thankful to have had her in my life. I'm thankful that your friend has you.


Everything, even that darn cold I've had for the past week, as I know that it will keep me immune to similar germs for a few months, and because it gave me a bit of time in bed to read.

Stubblejumpin Gal

You gave him practical, doable advice, Corey, not platitudes or BS. You are wise.

Dawn Fleming

Today and right this minute I am thankful for my 19 year old Siamese cat Simba who greeted me with one of his special meows when I walked in the door from work.

Bev S.

i read your blog yesterday, Corey, and didn't know how to respond but then how does one respond to such depression? I'm glad that your friend made an effort today....

Thankful things: my son who is making leaps and strides, my father's 76th birthday (getting ready for yet another trip, this time to Eastern Africa to camp for 20 days with my almost 73 year old mother), my faith, God's faith in me, my knitting which is my portable love gifts to others, my husband, and a lovely day.


Thank goodness for a Strawberry Tart . . . it may have opened a window . . . You are a good soul . . . I feel thankful reading this post . . .


Today, after hearing of many others that are ill . . . I am very thankful for my health.


I am thankful for my girlfriends. I had lunch with one today.


I am thankful for my little suitcase all packed and ready to go on a weekend adventure. Small celebrations!


I am so very thankful for
my beautiful friends, old and new.

Today I "accidentally" met another
We were brought together by your blog.
This makes two new friends I have
because of you..........

I am thankful for you.


My son. It is his birthday today!
Also, I am thankful your friend laughed. That he was capable of feeling joy is a very good sign.


Thankful for being able to connect and read Tongue in Cheek at the end of a long day.


i love how you responded to his needs-and the VERY DELICATE BALANCE you struck and your understanding of his actions-I am glad it did him good to get out-slow and steady will win this "race"- each day progress in the direction of healing-thanks for sharing and remember... ALWAYS- so many people pulling for him those that comment and the silent strength of prayers from those that do not-i am thankful to have watched les intouchables this afternoon- A GREAT UPLIFTING MOVIE!!


Your friend is SO lucky to have good friends in you and Yann.

Julie Schaefer

My friend has suffered depression for 10 yrs. severe. She fakes that she's ok but she is not. Lexipro has helped a lot. Nothing else has. I'm grateful for that drug or she cannot get out of bed. Do you know what fuels your friend's depression? Or if it is just brain chemistry?

Susan young

For one thing, I am thankful for your blog, Corey. The beauty of your words and photos brings me much joy every day .


My two dearest and oldest friends. After almost 50 years we know each other inside and out. Like a family we have gone through this life knowing we will always have one another.


I am very thankful for my good friends, some I have known for 50 years and some for just a few. Your friend is very lucky to have you as his good friend to support him in his journey back.


So glad your friend enjoyed the strawberry tart - getting back in touch with life's pleasure. And thanks for pointing out the importance of sirop de menthe !
I am thankful right now for you mentioning it is important to be thankful. In my daily rat-race routine I lose sight of this.

So I am thankful for my daughter springing up to get ready for school at the sound of Joan Jett's 'I love rock n roll', for my son still curled up under his duvet and in no rush at all to get out of bed, for my two cats chasing each other and getting excited because it is fooooood time, for the noisy seagulls outside, for the first budding leaves on trees in the streets, for .... all the things I will keep being thankful for throughout the day !

Petra Leaford

Grateful for your blog. So many of the things you share, are commonly felt by all of us, and this experience with your friends depression surely and unfortunately one of the most common. Keep persisting with your friend, as part of the depression will want to chase you away each time, but little gains like today will be worth so much.


Corey, I am thankful for your beautiful spirit, and all that you share with us.

Patti Lloyd

I am thankful for people who love.


How the simple combination of words can bring such joy and hope to people.


This is so moving a short post. I know what lies behind it and how incredibly important just that nod and small smile over a mint syrup is for your friend and you. Yesterday, late pm, my hubby phoned from the UK to say he'd got through his Ph.D viva! The sun came out at that moment, lighting up our house with some genuine spring warmth. One 3 hours made a huge difference to our lives, as a family. One tel call, the sun. Our things to be thankful for yesterday. Small steps or large ones? We don't really know yet what post PhD will bring, but it's the achievement we're thankful for.


Corey, I'm reading these posts about your friend ... my heart is heavy ... I don't know how to help. Live is so precious. I don't know your friend, but reading this I'm thankful that he has you as a friend. Hope he'll be alright soon.


A laugh is so healing, thank you for sharing that little beam of light.
I'm thankful for so many things, home, children, husband, my internet connection that makes it possible to be friends with you and my other blog friends, so far away and to keep in touch with my family overseas..

France Forever 24/7

Hoping your friend finds thankfulness in many more days to come, with one small step after another.


I have a lot to be thankful for...thank YOU


Gratitude is a powerful thing. This post is simply lovely. I hope that your friend can hang onto your words and search and find meaning in everyday life.

I'm thankful for my life.


I am ever so thankful for the reading of your post today, and nearly every morning now for many years, as I felt your kind friendship, love and appreciation for all that makes your friend who he is. It is in appreciating every thread of a person, or the world space in which we live that gives our soul that magnificent feeling of gratitude flooding over and through every pore of our being. The small, often unnoticed bits often bring the deepest most heartfelt thankfulness for me. Thank you Corey for your words and pictures that present to me each day a woman of heart and soul richly blessing the earth and all who live thereon. Kristin


I'm so happy that you were able to get your friend out into the sunshine. My husband and I prayed for him last night, and will continue to do so. So difficult to understand that kind of depression, but we can be thankful that you are there to shine a little light into his days.

I am thankful for so much - the simple things of getting out of bed without aching, being able to see the world around me, my sweet husband, and YOU!


I am so grateful that your friend took the step outside, to enjoy your company, and drink mint syrup in water. I am so grateful for the sunshine in my eyes and the little goldfinch who escaped the hawk only to fly into my window has survived with a wild story to tell its babes this spring.

Peggy Braswell

I am grateful for being reminded to be grateful & to write in my grateful journal. What a dear friend you are to him + me. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

Was just rereading a wonderfully witty note from an email a dear friend sent me last year. I hold it close to my heart because since then, cancer has taken him from this life. It was such a loss to us left behind, but knowing the depths of his ongoing struggle with deep depression and the relief leaving it was to him, I have such curiously mixed feelings on approaching the first anniversary of his death.

This particular beautifully crafted tidbit that he wrote to entertain me ends,
"Having another day where I have to say over and over that I will embrace joy today. This helped!"

La Contessa

And I got a 10 on the lunch I packed for my visiting Son!That keyhole is pretty amazing!I bet you would have liked to carry that away with you!You are a dear dear friend................I would love to hear the entire story one day how you met him. What his story is.Keep up the good work........xxx

Brenda, Walker, LA

Just being able to recognize that we can count blessings is something to be thankful for! God is so merciful!

Kathie B

I guess sometimes the littlest things can really be the biggest. As the weather improves, perhaps you and your friend can get out more. The warmer temperatures and increasing sunlight might be a bit therapeutic, as well as your loyalty, although the meds and cognitive therapy are the most important things for his best possible recovery.


You are so good at saying the right thing. I don't know what I would do in a situation like that... if I could be of help... positive and supportive.

I am thankful every day that my two daughters are happy and healthy. The same with my husband. That is all that's important, isn't it? I've gone through periods when that wasn't the case.

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