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18 February 2013


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How is godchild Daisy doing? I lost track of her father's blog site.
What a memorable mass to attend! Thank you for sendi prayers.

What a precious way to pray and send the prayers out for special ones. I do think of Daisy right now and also send prayers for her. Is her dad still writing the blog?

Thank you Corey for your prayers...I will think of this post and your generous thoughtful spirit every time I hear a bell, anywhere.
God Bless.

A few days ago Daisy was admitted to the hospital. Saturday, "From Sara, Daisy's Mother:
"Daisy update: her right lung has collapsed, she has been intubated (on a ventilator) which is helping her. The right lung has collapsed again and they are doing all the right things to help keep it open. She will open her eyes, and knows I'm here. They will start feeding her through her gtube today."
Thank you for your multitude of prayers and good thoughts. Please continue to send them as they are needed."
Today, Daisy is improving steadily.

Beautiful way to pray for those you love...And when I visit Paris I will be reminded to pray every time I hear them ringing.

Sending up prayers for your Daisy.

What a lovely thing to do...pray over each bell. I love that, as you say, the prayers will continue to be offered with each ringing of the bells.

What a beautiful act of love. I would very much have liked to do that.
Barb in Minnesota

Absolutely they will, Corey. What a gorgeous mission you've accomplished in your heart and hand.

Thank you for this post. I too will think of you, prayer requests and the beautiful sound bells make every time I hear one ring.

Beautiful, moving intention.

Corey, what a beautiful way to pray for each person.

By the way, for those of you who have been so kind to pray for my son--he has been sober for 71 days. It is truly, truly a miracle. I break into tears of joy almost every day about it.

Thanks for letting me know about Daisy. I am sending arrow prayers to God for her.

Oh Corey, thanks so much for sharing this. I have visited Notre Dame two times. What a special time! I am not Roman Catholic but I could be. I love so much the rituals and I collect rosaries. It is a beautiful way to pray.
Thanks again for sharing "The Bells of Notre Dame".


What a beautiful, beautiful way to pray. And how glorious that you could attend the Mass with the bells.

this is a beautiful post and thank you for remembering your readers in the prayer bells-how lovely- how peaceful- how blessed-i am grateful to you -thank you.

The sound of Bells will never be the same! Thank you, Corey,

Beautuful piece, lovely prayer . . .

Dear Corey,
I will never hear a bell the same way again. Thank you for a beautiful, most loving post. May the heavens be filled with each heartfelt prayer.
Thank you for the loving prayers you have prayed for me and for so many others. Love to you and yours.
Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
"God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;
The Wrong shall fail,
The Right prevail,
With peace on earth, good-will to men.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Notre dame was already such a special place for me, now you have made it even more so. The bells, prayers, love, life, healing, hope . . . Just a few of the reasons I read your blog. In my quiet time be sue that I will say prayers for Daisy. Your Paris posts have been amazing, thank you.

thank you for sharing about the bells of notre dame. your writing and photographs inspire me so much. sending prayers for god sending you to us.

This is so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes of love ~ each bell has a name too ~ so touching, I would love to hear the bells, as they ring within my soul, a reminder in our busy lives to stop, remember, relish in our lives, loves, and being love, hearing the melodic bells, so comforting, so much joy to live, so alive, so spiritual to bring forth during Lent and ring on Easter Sunday ~ where will the historial bells resting place be now? Thanks so much for sharing this beauty ~ XO

The bells are absolutely beautiful, as are your prayers for so many. Thank you dear, Corey!

I'm so very sorry to hear about sweet Daisy and will keep her in my prayers along with your friend.

This post brings tears to my eyes.

That is such a beautiful way of think of prayer linked to these bells. Every time you hear bells these prayers will be in your thoughts.

You brought tears to my eyes, bless you Corey. What a beautiful gesture for all of us who feed off your faith, talent and mere beauty. Have been to Notre Dame, I can tell you it moved me to tears. Ring those bells for all and especially little Daisy. xo Rhonda

like many others, the thought of your prayers winging their way from the bell towers brought tears to my eyes. thank you for your prayers for all of us, too!

Thisost really touched my heart. It is so lovely to think of all the prayers that will be reinforced each times the bells of Notre Dame ring. Thank you for sharing.

What an incredible journey these bells have made, and how generous of you to have endowed them with prayers of your loved ones. May we add weight to your prayers!

What an experience. Beautiful bells!

Thank you Corey for another beautiful post that brought goosebumps to me. What a wonderful way to remember our loved ones, by the ringing of these beautiful bells sounding out to heaven and God's ear. That is so touching, to put your hands on each of these bells and say a prayer for your loved ones and those you never met. I will remember you and you family and loved one's in prayer, it brings all of us together even though we are so far apart, thank you Corey. Teresa Jordan

What a beautiful post… I will be reminded of prayers everytime I hear the local church’s bells ring on the hour. When the Sheppfarmer and I were in Paris on his one and only vacation ever, we had lit a candle at every church we went by, praying that he remain in remission. I will now be reminded of this is same prayer, and yours, when I hear our church’s bells...

I saw a special about the making and then transports of these bells on Des Racines and Des Asiles. It was so interesting. I can't wait to get to ND to see them in person.

I saw the documentary about the new bells on TV last week! So interesting!
I enjoyed your post, thank you!

I'm speechless. The photos are gorgeous, the history is rich, but your hand in prayer for those whom you've been entrusted is what it's all about. Again, blessings to you and thank you for inviting us too, that we might give up to God the matters which belong to Him alone.

I saw the French TV documentary on how the bells were made, each one personalized in style - simply amazing work and dedication. Who doesn't love to hear church bells chiming - heavenly!

I am overwhelmed by the beauty and meaning of it all.
Merci, hugs,

A wonderful and moving post, Corey. These bells are just astonishing in their size and beauty, and I love your intentions in touching them. I now have a great desire to be in Paris on the day they first ring out - perhaps I'll see you there? :))

Corey, I try not to cry ... thank you.

Beautiful post. I echo your prayers, and thank you for lifting us up, your readers.

I will continue to lift you up and your god-daughter. Lord bless this little gal.

Corey...The words, the photos, and I can hear the resonance of bells and feel the prayers in my heart as I take in this post now three times. Thank you for the precious thread of faith and love that you so skillfully weave day after day for us all.
Prayers and love for you an all those for whom you pray.
Sweet tears of great joy flow forth..

Beautiful and majestic bells. Thank you for praying for us Corey.

Beautiful posting as always my lovely friend.
Love and hugs and smiles. I love bells............

Especially my small temple bells I have from Asia......from my Son and his wife.

Love Jeanne

I know that this is probably going to sound quite discordant with your post, but the first thing that came to mind was the word 'Sanctuary' I know that it harks back to those old black and white films, but I felt that it was poigniant as sanctuary means safe haven, a safe haven for your prayers and ours.

beautiful post and comments...blessings to you all.
I was lucky enough to visit Notre Dame three years

Thank you for including your bloggers with all the others in your prayers. I have always loved the sound of the church bell, as they call you to prayer. I am so glad you took the time to experience such a once in a life time trip.

Oh Corey, the church bells in France are some of the most beautiful sounds in the world. Church bells anywhere for that matter. I miss those most of all over here in the States. So glad you were able to be there to see and pray on the bells. What a magnificent experience. And next time I hear them, I will think of you. xo marlis

The thought of hands touching the bells before they ring resounds through all our hearts!

Thank you for the beautiful post and the inclusion of your blog followers in your prayers. This really touched my heart this morning. God Bless.

A couple of years ago, I read a New York Times article about the bells at Notre-Dame being replaced for the 850th anniversary in 2013. It mentioned that the bells would be melted down and replaced by 9 new ones intended to create the sound of Notre-Dame's original 17th century Bells.
Your personal rendition touches my heart. It is memorable that you placed your hands on each of the bells and said prayers for your special family and friends.
God bless you and your family.

Oh, how beautiful! Sending your prayers out with each toll.

I can't wait until I'm back in Paris to hear them.

I have a 'hunch' your prayers will be answered.

This is so amazing. Thank you for the photos and the touching of the bells, I loved the story. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

A beautiful meditation/post today Corey...thank you.

Our prayers are for Daisy to be well soon and celebrate her good health.
The bells of Notre Dame have now come alive for me in a greater understanding of their significance and the meaning they bring to all who can hear them. . .and dream of them.

What a beautiful post.To have the privilege of seeing those beautiful bells and then to be able to hear them,what joy.I have always loved the bells,but where I live now,not a bell to be heard.Prayers will be said for all who need them, at the beach tonight.

So glad Daisy is improving. You were fortunate to be able to touch the bells and lay your prayers and essence on them. Now if I hear them ring...I will know what they mean.

Your dedication of the bells was so personal and touching and it reminded me of the prayer flags and bells, traditions in Tibet. Your photos were so wonderful I felt I could touch them as well, sense the imbued spirit cast within them, and the timelessness of prayer and sharing as we all are basically one. I hope I get to hear them toll while I am in Paris, and I thank you for knowing that experience will be all the more meaningful. Blessings!

Thank you!

What a beautiful thought! Thanks for sharing this inspirational experience.

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